Does my Business Need Transcription Services?

If you are even considering asking if your business needs to use transcription services (or you have just typed this question into a search engine and found your way to our helpful blog) then the chances are that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Many businesses, especially those looking to expand into the international market or develop their online presence, use transcription services to assist their endeavours and ensure that communication with potential customers, stakeholders or suppliers are clear, concise and engaging, and that they are fulfilling any obligations regarding legal regulations and requirements.

Transcription services can help your business:

• Improve your online reach

• Improve customer engagement

• Increase brand awareness

• Improve internal communication

• Share information (both internally and externally)


It can do this in many ways, including:

• Transcribing audio/visual content (for example, subtitles for customer content online)

Translating subtitles for multiple languages

• Transcribing and translating marketing content and data

Transcribing/translating meetings and internal communications for staff or stakeholder use


Transcription (and translation) services form a vital link between your business and customers, employees and stakeholders so many industries now utilise these services on a daily basis.

The following industries use transcription services regularly, so if your business is linked to these, it is likely you should be using transcription services already.

However, no matter what industry your business operates within, elements such as, international marketing and improving brand awareness, benefit greatly from transcription services and increase your potential reach even further.



Legal Industry/Law

Law firms have used transcription services for years in order to accurately record audio/visual evidence such as, witness or court statements.

However, transcription services are vital for other industries too in a legal sense, especially in ensuring they abide by the laws and regulations of specific countries.

For instance, providing written statements of AGMs and complying with an individual country’s language requirements for legal documents.

Using professional transcription services for these documents and statements offers accuracy, clarity and compliance.



Educational establishments, especially those linked to higher education such as, universities, often share information, lectures or seminars around the world.

For this to be done effectively, transcription services are used to add subtitles to lectures, transcribe audio content with precise timecodes (or timestamps), and transcribe and translate research papers.

Similarly, many training firms now understand the value of transcribing their training content so they can be accessed by individuals with special needs (for instance, people who are hard of hearing), those who speak a foreign language, or as an additional element used to engage trainees.

For firms that offer in-house training content for employees, transcription services can provide multilingual subtitles for use around the world ensuring uniformity of training quality is achieved.




Transcription services are also paramount within the medical and healthcare industries.

We have all witnessed how the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge amount of medical data generated and much of this has been transcribed and translated for use around the world.

Vaccine information, medicine usage instructions, patients’ notes, surgical information, patents, and so on, all require transcription services and often also need translating into multiple languages so they can be accessed by medical staff no matter which language they speak.

If your firm operates within the healthcare sector, you should probably already be using professional transcription services. If you aren’t, you can discuss your requirements with a member of the Creative Word team here.




While many marketing firms utilise transcription services for ease of data and information processing, such as, product testing or focus groups, businesses in other sectors also depend heavily upon marketing services to engage customers and make informed decisions.

For instance, if you are planning a multilingual marketing strategy for a specific region and want to monitor the results with ease, it is vital that an accurate record is documented and transcribed.

This also gives an opportunity for the results to be translated and shared with stakeholders or overseas offices.

Creative Word can help with any transcription or translation service you require. We offer expert advice, a complete project management service, experienced native-speaking linguists and a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your translation, localization, transcription and interpreting requirements.

Contact us now for further information.

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