How Localized Subtitles Make Training Videos More Effective

Most companies are aware of the constructive impact that training videos have on their team, whether they are training new employees on specific company standards, or teaching long-term employees about new technologies.

However, training only works if your employees can understand the message behind your training video, and in today’s multicultural work environments, having a monolingual video for all employees is likely to limit the effectiveness of your training.

Adding localized subtitles to your training videos shows your employees that you have an awareness of their cultural and linguistic needs, are prepared to invest in their training and potential work-based prospects, and that your firm is inclusive.

The following points highlight how localized subtitles for training videos can help your firm get more from employee training and also how to achieve the best results.


1. Training Videos and Localized Subtitles

Many training videos serve as an introduction to new employees, teaching company policy, health and safety expectations, or sharing knowledge, so it is vital that all employees are able to fully comprehend the information that is being disseminated.

Critical information can easily be missed, or misinterpreted, by employees who aren’t native speakers of the language of the training videos, so not only does training become a waste of time but also a waste of money.

In order to ensure employees’ full engagement with training, it is necessary to translate some, or all of the content of the training materials.

In the case of videos, the easiest (and most often, the cheapest) way to do this is by adding localized subtitles to existing training videos.


2. Why Localize Subtitles?

Localized subtitles are not the same thing as translated subtitles.

Basic translation (especially machine translation from providers such as Google Translate) give a word-for-word translation without considering elements such as, colloquial language variations, regional dialects, cultural differences, or a specific audience’s expectations, so it is not an ideal way to modify language requirements.

The most viable, and beneficial, way to transform training videos from monolingual to multilingual, is to localize subtitles.

In this way a company can use their existing video content and simply add appropriate subtitles for each subsequent language modification.

For example, if you have a training video originally designed for an English audience but want to use the same video for a regional office elsewhere in the world, you can appoint the services of a professional localization expert who can then add appropriate subtitles for the specific audience.


3. Localized Subtitles Keeps Company Policies Consistent

Another advantage of localized subtitles is company policy remains consistent across multiple languages and locations.

Multinational firms gain the additional benefit of ensuring that a single message is communicated via the training videos to each and every viewer. This ensures consistency, parity and equality across borders and languages.


4. How Creative Word can Help Localize Video Subtitles

Creative Word are experts in the translation and localization industry, with many years of experience working with firms from all over the world, and in many different languages.

We also have a dedicated training team in our sister company, Creative Word Training, who create and teach specialized training courses covering sectors such as Law, Finance and IT, so you can be certain our courses, localization and translation procedures and content are second to none.

We use native-speaking linguists, many of whom have qualifications in other sectors such as, law, design, marketing and business, so they understand not only your language requirements, but also, your business.

We can help with specialized training courses, localizing video subtitles, translating websites, designing multilingual marketing and business interpreting, so if you are looking for a professional language service provider to partner your firm, look no further.

To learn more about the services we offer, please click here.

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