About us

Creative Word was formerly known as Kwintessential Arabia. Our research in 2014 led us to believe our customers wanted to see us with a more relevant name connected to our services and a new and fresher look to our branding.  As a result we changed our name and rebranded in 2015 to Creative Word.

The same professional team, linguists, trainers and management remain at the core of the company ensuring our customers are always at the center of what we do.


The Creative Word team consist of a broad range of experts in whatever they do.  Our aim is to “strive for excellence” and “be passionate about our services” and these two key criteria ensure we have an amazing team that is able to offer excellent service with highest quality in our services.

At the heart of our teams are the Relationship Managers (RM’s) whose job it is to understand our clients requirements in detail.  It is then the RM’s responsibility to ensure that our Project Managers, linguists and other members of the team fully understand the project and provide a service that exceeds our clients expectations!

The Creative Word team is structured as below and constantly co-ordinates its efforts with the International offices to ensure that our clients are serviced across all time zones.  Please click here to visit our UK site.

lawyer in dubai UAE


We are always keen to hear from freelancers too especially:

  • Qualified translators
  • Interpreters throughout the GCC region
  • Business trainers
  • Cultural experts
  • Designers

Send a covering letter and CV [email protected]

If you have any questions relating to recruitment, then please contact us.

  • Office Managers

    Office Managers

    Our managers across all offices ensure things are running smoothly and co-ordinate business processes across the company

  • Relationship Managers

    Relationship Managers

    These are the people who deal with our clients. They have a consultative approach to understanding our clients requirements and ensure the correct services are always administered

  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    Our team of project managers review all our clients source files, liaise and brief our linguists, review and format the target files and manage our internal processes so that our clients always receive the best service

  • Translators


    We have a team of over 2,000+ linguists across the globe who work for us. All of our translators have industry experience, are qualified, professional and experienced

  • Interpreters


    Our Interpreters are nothing but the best. Not only are they fully qualified & registered but have at least 3 years of experience

  • Trainers


    We have a team of specialists working at Creative Word on all levels of training and consultancy, including areas such Legal, Cultural & soft skills

  • Web Designers

    Web Designers

    Our team of web designers work specifically on building, designing and adapting websites into foreign languages.

  • Graphic Artists

    Graphic Artists

    When you want your flyer, brochure, manual or handbook designed and ready for publishing in a foreign language, our DTP team will work closely with our linguists to provide you with the finished product!


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