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Localization Services

Do you have a localization strategy? Thinking of going global? With global trade on the increase it’s easier to have a global presence as long as you have a localization plan.  Creative Word are experts in assisting businesses take their products and services into international markets with a thorough understanding of local language, culture and traditions.

Whether you are a business looking to get into the Arab world or a local company looking to market your services to the rest of the world Creative Word can help. Wherever you are in the process of going global with your products or services please contact us and we can advise.

The Localization Process

Our localization services cover all the aspects of the process.  The diagram on the right shows the stages with the inner two rings being the most requested services:

  • Language translation: translating content into different languages and/or adapting them to regional/country differences.
  • Localization: adapting websites, software and products for a global audience. This would involve adjusting images, dates, times, fonts, colours, currencies and sounds all to cater for the local markets.


For more details on how we can assist you with Internationalization and Globalization please contact us to discuss your requirements.

software localisation


We have years of experience in translating, localizing and testing software with experienced professionals in markets.

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Voice Over &
Video Editing

Need Multilingual video editing?
From voiceovers to subtitling, we have you covered.

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website localisation services


Taking your website Internationall? We are experienced at managing your complete multilingual website from start to finish.

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