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What is Transcription?

TRANSCRIPTIONWe provide transcription and translation of audio/visual files in foreign languages on a daily basis, serving cross-sector clients across the globe.

Transcription can take one of two forms as described below:

  • Straight Transcription:  

through this service, what is said (in whatever language) is written down word for word. So if it is spoken in Arabic, a transcriber will write word for word what is said, in this case in Arabic.

  • Transcription & Translation:

through this service, a transcriber has two options:

– to write down word for word what is said (as per above) and then translate the text

– translate the recording directly therefore omitting the original language that is used

Creative Word offer both services depending on, if you require the original language transcription or not.

What formats can we work with?

We can work with any of the following:

  • video transcription (VHS)
  • cassette transcription
  • microcassette / mini-cassette transcription
  • wav transcription
  • minidisc transcription
  • interview transcription
  • mp3 transcription
  • conference transcription
  • CD transcription
  • focus group transcription
  • DVD transcription
  • Windows Media Player transcription
  • RealPlayer transcription

All we need to start the job is the actual source material.  Contact us to get your job started!

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