Remote Interpretation for Virtual Meetings during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 lockdown has caused huge disruptions to the way every company operates; meetings, conferences, events, keeping in touch with employees, discussing works in progress with clients, and so on, have all changed from personal to ‘remote’.

These changes have created new challenges for businesses to overcome, including;

• Fragmented communication between teams

• Issues with technology and connectivity

• Time management (including time zones)

• Lack of motivation

• Language and culture differences

• Home distractions

Many of these issues can be overcome with time and a little effort; once teams begin to settle into working from home, and schedules are rearranged to fit with the new ‘normal’, most businesses are able to function effectively.

However, when it comes to dealing with customers, clients or employees around the globe who don’t speak the same language, meetings, training, conferences, and so on, can become disorganised, challenging, under-productive, and ineffective, a waste of everyone’s time.

Here at Creative Word, we understand the challenges that language and culture differences can cause during virtual meetings, and we have the solution!


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is transforming the way that interpretation is delivered for remote, web-based meetings, conferences and training.

Attendants can participate from anywhere in the world, using any number of languages, through a platform which allows the interpreter(s) access to an audio and visual live-feed, which they then translate back to the specific participants that require that language.

For example, an online conference may use speakers from 5 different countries, and 5 different languages, with viewers requiring translation for the other four foreign-language speakers. The platform used allows the interpreters to view and hear the speakers in real-time and translate the information back immediately to the target audience, just as if all participants were at the same venue and speaking the same language.

How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation can Benefit your Business

Traditional interpretation services, those that are delivered in-person, are not a viable option in most countries during the current pandemic.

They are also more costly and time consuming due to the logistics involved with the interpreters’ travel and accommodation, equipment, language speciality, and the additional infrastructure necessary for traditional interpretation.

However, remote interpretation services offer a cost-effective, easily managed, accessible and practical alternative that will save your firm money, time and effort while still maintaining accurate and reliable results.
Benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation include:

• Reduced costs

• Improved accessibility

• Multiple languages

• Increased flexibility

• Easier organization

• Minimal infrastructure

• Entirely online

• Can be used for any size event/number of participants

If you would like to find out more about how the Creative Word team can assist your business with remote simultaneous interpretation services, please contact us.

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