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One of our training courses can get you ahead of the pack


Business success hinges on clear communication. If two cultures work together and are unable to communicate, success becomes a challenge. Our outstanding cross-cultural training course on the Arab world and Middle East (Arab Cultural Awareness) is aimed at giving you just this – the skills, knowledge and confidence to communicate and therefore maximise your chances of success in the region.

All of our Arab cultural awareness courses are designed and run by top-flight professionals with experience of living and working in the Middle East so contact us now to see how we assist you with your training requirements.

Arab Cultural Awarness

We design each and every course specifically per our clients’ requests.

Here are some examples of what our courses include:


A look at the impact of culture on business – Theoretical and practical cross cultural models/case studies – Steps to becoming culturally competent


Historical, political and economic basics – Overview of business, trade and industry – Society, culture, values, customs and traditions


The history of Islam and Arab culture – Influence of Islam on social and business practices – Stereotypes and addressing contentious issues – Gender differences

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