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There has been a massive rise in the use of customer contact centres over the last few years with calls, webchats, emails and other ‘remote’ interactions between customers and businesses occurring on a daily basis. These interactions can make or break brand trust – a good relationship with customers is formed when communications are clear, concise and comprehendible, all of which means speaking your customers’ language.

Firms venturing into a new market need to make a good first impression and this means ensuring your customer services are top notch in every way.

Most companies already have standards for ensuring the quality of their original-language call centre and customer-facing support systems but when these services are offered on an international scale it can be more difficult to track quality, measure success and ensure customer satisfaction, especially if customer expectation changes with cultural variations, or language barriers make measuring success difficult.

Enhancing your company’s global customer contact centre, and your customer’s perception of your brand, is possible through partnering a translation services provider who is able to improve your multilingual capabilities and ensure effective communication with customers.

The following points highlight how Creative Word can help you achieve this:



1. Expanding Multilingual Customer Support with Instant Remote Interpretation

The Creative Word team are experts in language, culture and customer service.

We are renown for our cross-culture training so understand the importance of cultural awareness when dealing with foreign customers who may have vastly different expectations of customer service, and we know the value of speaking your customer’s native language.

Contact centres can be notoriously frustrating for customers, especially when they are unable to communicate fully or are struggling to engage with the conversation because of the language barrier.

Many companies can not justify the expense of having in-language support for every country (this includes allowing for foreign-language speaking customers where you do have in-language support such as, English-speaking support in an Arabic country) but it is possible to allow for a multitude of languages through use of over the phone interpretation.

It is possible to expand your language support to include hundreds of languages by connecting calls with an interpreter using instant remote interpretation.

Instant remote interpretation by Creative Word can include unscheduled calls, interviews and surveys, or conference calls, so we can cover every situation with an expert interpreter who understands your customers and your company.



2. Cultural Awareness, Customer Service and Sales Communications

The need to communicate effectively with customers is paramount to your success, no matter what industry or sector you operate within.

Multilingual audiences, both at home and abroad, require a level of cultural awareness alongside a successful language interpretation or translation so that communication is respectful and appropriate.

At Creative Word we offer first-class cultural awareness courses on communication and sales skills helping companies and their sales teams improve mindfulness of cultural difference and ensuring successful sales and customer service.

We also offer Customer Service courses aimed at a wide range of industries. All courses offer effective methods for providing excellent customer service across different cultures and languages, ensuring improved customer relations for every level of employee.



3. Expanding Customer Range

With today’s multicultural and multilingual societies, it is vital that customer contact centres offer a range of languages, even when based in only country.

Offering a broader language range tells potential customers that you are interested in their business and are prepared to put in extra effort to gain their custom.

Multilingual websites, marketing materials, call centres, social media posts, and so on, all work to show customers you care about their business and want to communicate with them in their preferred language.

At Creative Word, while we specialise in English to Arabic translation (and vice versa), we also offer native-speaking linguists in over 80 other languages for our translation, localization and interpretation services.

The specialist language services we offer will ensure all your foreign-language customer communications are linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate, while also being engaging, inclusive and reliable.

Your customer reach will be improved and expanded, brand trust will be enhanced, and customer loyalty increased with professional translation services directed towards multilingual customer-facing services.


To learn more about how Creative Word can assist with your translation and language requirements for customer contact centres, websites, marketing, and more, contact one of our expert team members now.

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