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Professional Interpreters

web localizationsIf you are organising or attending a multilingual conference, a seminar, a business meeting or an event, we can provide you with qualified multilingual conference interpreters. Not only can we help you with your conference interpreter needs but also your equipment, set-up, support and written translations for the day.

Creative Word’s team of translators in Dubai will provide you with free advice on managing your conference or event as well as set up a team of simultaneous, consecutive or liaison conference interpreters to deal with attendees who don’t speak the floor language.

What do conference interpreters do?

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Conference interpreting deals with the translation of oral communication, i.e. re-stating what is said in one language into another instantaneously. It should not be confused with translation which deals exclusively with written texts.

Meetings, press conferences, events and international conferences are regularly attended by people from different countries, making it the job of an interpreter to enable them to understand what is being said.

This is usually carried out via a soundproof translation booth where the conference interpreter relays the speech to listeners via headsets. Conference interpreters usually specialise in a few languages but mostly translate into their mother tongue.

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