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Types of Cultural Awareness Courses

We offer a comprehensive suite of training courses, each designed to meet the particular needs of the participants.

Country Specific:

For people wanting to understand and appreciate the cultural nuances of a specific country we introduce them to the culture, language, etiquette, business styles, etc.  We cover all major countries including the Middle East, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Thailand. expatriate relocation

Expatriate Relocation: 

Did you know many international assignees fail in their new locations due to the inability to adjust? Our courses prepare assignees and/or the families for life abroad. We concentrate on participants to the new country’s culture, people, values, daily life and business culture.

Management and Leadership: 

Our world-class corporate and business leadership coaching courses are aimed at supervisors, managers, executives and CEOs. Leadership today requires the ability to direct and inspire across cultural boundaries. We help individuals wanting to develop their leadership skills within an intercultural framework. management

Cultural Competence: 

Intercultural training is moving towards a behaviour centred approach. Businesses and organisations have realised that their personnel need more than facts and figures or dos and dont’s about people from different cultures. Intercultural competency is about the ability to work across cultures through an instilled understanding of cultures on a general level in terms of communication and working styles.

Team Building: 

The companies and organisations of today consist of staff from the four corners of the globe. Colleagues work in multi-cultural teams either in the same office or across borders.  We are committed to assisting businesses get the best of our their multi-cultural teams through our cross cultural team building courses. communication

Sales and Communication: 

The need to sell, communicate and work with an increasingly multicultural audience both at home and abroad requires a certain level of intercultural awareness. We offer a number of first-class cross cultural courses on communication and sales skills assisting business personnel in building awareness of intercultural differences that could impact the success of their roles.

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