Social Media in the UAE and Localization

The UAE has taken to social media as readily as every other nation. On average, worldwide users are spending around 135 minutes each day on social media sites – it’s evidently becoming an almost essential part of our daily routine.

This rise in usage is due to a number of factors including falling smart phone prices, super-fast internet connections, world-wide connectivity, and the ability of some platforms to reinvent themselves on a regular basis in order to maintain interest.

In the UAE, latest statistics show that 99.26% of the population are active on social media sites, meaning that 9.38 million people use social media on a daily basis. Of these, 8.7 million users are accessing social media through mobile devices, a rise of 6% since last year.

As a business tool, social media can project a business into the limelight, especially when used with an effective, accurate translation for overseas viewers and potential customers.

If you are planning your next social media campaign for your company it is worth considering the following points before launching your campaign:


Popular Social Media Sites in the UAE

Facebook is by far the most commonly used platform in the UAE, however, YouTube’s reach has increased significantly in 2018 due primarily to the popularity of online video content, particularly with younger generations.

This list of social media platforms shows the usage in UAE:

Facebook 7.82 million
YouTube 7.54 million
Instagram 5.06 million
Twitter 3.91 million
LinkedIn 3.82 million
Google+ 3.63 million
Pinterest 2.10 million

As you can see the potential for targeting new customers, markets and regions are huge if you make use of a finely tuned social media campaign.

However, the prospect of failing to connect with viewers is high, especially if you don’t make effective use of translation and localization within each campaign.

Much research shows that consumers prefer to both browse the internet, and purchase goods, in their own language. Losing potential custom due to a lack of cultural awareness, regional knowledge, or linguistic understanding, may cost you more than just a loss of business.

Investing in professional translation, and localization, for your social media campaigns will promote your brand in a positive light, encourage interaction with your target audience, and increase customer satisfaction.


Popularity of Social Media Chat Apps in UAE

The rising popularity of Chat Apps across the globe highlights our desire for a fast, connected, global network.

In UAE the 3 most popular Chat Apps are WhatsApp with 7.92 million users, FB Messenger with 5.63 million, and Skype with 5.53 million. However, the younger generations seem to prefer Snapchat, which is really popular among teenagers, and has 2.86 million users.

Many firms now use these Apps to deliver vital information to countless customers, anywhere in the world, in a single moment. For instance, a customer query from the UK, directed to a Dubai hotel, can be answered in a split second.

But, this only works well if you can respond in the language of choice of your customers.

Localising your social media chat apps will ensure complete accuracy for local dialects, cultural difference, and customer preference.

Social Media and Localization in the UAE

Social media is a major advertising medium which is utilised by millions of companies on a daily basis to promote their brand, advertise new products or services, and connect with new, or existing, customers.

The question isn’t, should we be using social media? But is instead, how can we make the most of it?

Localization is key to driving new traffic to your social media campaigns, promotions and websites. It can help to influence buyers, by connecting with them through their language of choice, but also their culture, way of life, accepted societal norms, and their preferences. Understanding your target audience is vital in promoting your brand.

Ensuring professional localization methods are employed across all your social media campaigns are essential to their success.


Future Social Media Trends in the UAE

The growing popularity of video content among the younger population is indicative of where the future lies.

YouTube is viewed daily by more than half of young Arabs, with the fastest growing section being short videos, a few minutes in length.

Video translation, and translated subtitles, are likely to become increasingly vital as companies increase their marketing in this area.

Implementing professional video translation services, audio translation, or translated subtitles, at an early stage will assist in targeting the right audience, and will promote your brand in a positive light.

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