The Benefits of Outsourcing your Translations

When expanding into overseas markets there can be an ever-increasing requirement for companies to outsource their translations. This may be due to numerous factors including, customer expectations with regard to accuracy of translations, the language abilities of multi-lingual employees, time constraints, or even a lack of cultural awareness of in-house translation teams.

Whatever your reasons for considering outsourcing your translation requirements the following points will highlight how it can be beneficial to your business.


1. Professional Translation Service

Outsourcing your translations will give you access to professional translators who have vast linguistic, cultural and sector-specific knowledge that will improve accuracy and relevancy of all your translation requirements including, marketing materials, websites, packaging, customer services and social media posts

They can help with SEO in overseas markets, target culture data, design, transcription, interpretation and so on, all of which can free up your time to deploy elsewhere in the running of your business.

Professional Language Service Providers (LSP) are able to offer a full linguistic service with varying levels of collaboration based upon the specific needs of your business, so they can offer full translation services, editing, proofreading, or localization, using expert linguists who are native speakers of the language you require and who also have sector-specific knowledge such as, law, medicine, marketing or engineering.


2. Translation Deadlines

If, at present, you are using an in-house translation team, or a multilingual employee for your translations, it is likely that they don’t have access to high-end translation software, they may have a secondary (or primary) role within your business, they can only cope with certain language pairs, or they are limited by the amounts of hours they can put into your translations.

These points can all mean translation deadlines aren’t met, or that other work falls behind as a result of pulling teams from other areas in order to reach targets.

However, using a professional LSP means you’ll be able to meet tight deadlines as you will have all the latest translation equipment and software at your disposal, expert translators who can work at speed and still maintain high levels of accuracy, and dedicated project managers who will organise everything.


3. Translations with Added Value

A professional LSP should be able to manage your translation projects with minimal fuss and maximum benefit.

They can offer added value through use of Translation Memory (TM) and Translation Management Systems (TMS) which act as a perpetual memory, storing and collating every translation made for potential future use.

This specialist software learns from every translation entered and will suggest translations made on previous translations so your turnaround time and cost per-word can be reduced over time.

The human translator working with these tools will add contextual meaning and asses each suggested TM section for relevancy and accuracy.

Other added value benefits of outsourcing your translations to a professional LSP include:

• Access to a full translation service

• Multiple language options

• High levels of accuracy for translations

• Expert assistance with design, marketing, and desktop publishing

• Dedicated project managers

• Native-language content writers who can craft original content

Outsourcing your translations can offer a way to access your potential overseas customers with ease, speed and accuracy.

Contact us at Creative Word if you would like to chat about the various linguistic services we can offer for your outsourced translations.

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