How Project Managers Help your Translation Project Succeed

Translation project managers deal with the behind-the-scenes elements of translation projects. They ensure a client’s requirements are fulfilled, within the specified time frame, and are the people that have the industry knowledge and organizational competency to deal with issues as they arise. They are critical to the success of translation projects.

At Creative Word we understand the value of using translation project managers who are hard-working, knowledgeable, culturally aware, detail-conscious, who remain focussed on the needs of the client, and can envision, and achieve, the desired outcomes.

This blog will take a more in-depth look at the role of translation project managers, and how they help create successful translation and localisation projects.


Translation Project Managers – the Omnipresent Supervisor

Translation project managers must take an all-encompassing view of every project – they need to remain focused on the client’s objectives, oversee the process of translation (including editing, proofreading, and delivery of the project), and must ensure that each project is completed on time.

They will work with designers, translators, interpreters, and linguistic experts, alongside individuals or groups from the client’s team. They need to be personable, conscientious, highly-skilled linguists who are experienced communicators that can cope with tight deadlines.

At Creative Word, all our project managers have had many years’ experience within the translation and localization industry, so they are confident in leading translation projects and are prepared to go above and beyond their duties to ensure the project is a complete success.

Our translation project managers have all lived, worked and extensively travelled around the world so we have native-speaking experts that also understand other cultures and languages.


Translation and Localization – the Logistics of Project Management

Many first-time translation clients underestimate the amount of work that is involved with any translation project. That is, of course, natural as only those who are intricately linked to the profession, or have used the service numerous times will comprehend the level of work involved in a given project.

Depending upon the number of languages required for a translation or localization project, and the scope, and type of project, there might be the following elements involved:

• Consultation and communication with client’s teams which may involve multiple locations/people/offices and other linked production elements such as, web designers, engineers, and so on

• Administrative details such as, financial aspects, logistics, distribution of data and information, billing and record keeping

• Alterations to translation or localization projects which can involve various departments or teams and the dissemination of critical information to the correct area to support these changes

• The management and monitoring of various in-country translators and localization experts, some of whom may be freelance.

The simplicity and peace of mind that is gained by clients, from having only one point of contact for all their translation requirements, cannot be over emphasized!

Through use of a professional translation service provider, with effective project managers, clients’ gain the opportunity to build a relationship and continuity that is vital to the success of their translation projects.

At Creative Word, all our initial introductions will involve discussions regarding the translation project, such as, project scope, budgets, milestones, options, and concerns or worries that clients may have. The team of translators, account managers and vital project members may be introduced and project protocols can be established to ensure that we are all working towards the same objective before any work starts.

We believe that communication is the foundation upon which all good working relationships are built, so we aim to keep all parties up-to-date with projects as milestones are reached, and are available to discuss any issues as they arise.

If you would like to find out more about how our translation project managers can help move your translation and localization projects forward, then please contact us here.

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