Translation Services Providers, GDPR and Client Confidentiality

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered to be one of the toughest privacy and security laws in the world. Although it is a law formed by the European Union (EU), it requires adherence by organizations anywhere in the world, if they target or collect data relating to people in the EU.

For those clients using translation services providers for translations such as, email marketing, market research, or data that may contain other sensitive personal information, then it is a legal requirement that this data be handled in the correct way by both your own organization and your chosen translation services provider.

For instance, if you are an organization based in the Middle East with customers located in the EU who have completed market research you’ve undertaken, and you use a translation services provider to translate and collate the data, then both organizations are bound by the GDPR laws.

This includes elements such as, data processing (including collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing or using data), and data controllers (the person or team that decide how personal data is processed).

If you are using a translation services provider then they would be considered a data processor (they are a third party that processes personal data on behalf of a data controller).

Even before the GDPR laws came into force in 2018, many translation services providers dealt with sensitive information on a daily basis so were already aware of data protection, and had a good basis for building full compliance before the deadline.

At Creative Word, we have always believed that client privacy is paramount and have had specific standards and protocols in place to protect clients for many years. We are proud of our high standards but are aware that not every translation services provider, or individual translator, has the same ethics or awareness.

Ensuring that your chosen translation services provider is GDPR compliant is essential for personal data security. The following points should be checked before enlisting the services of a new provider:


1. Non-disclosure Agreements and Client Confidentiality

Most people are aware of what NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) are, and anyone who has worked with sensitive information will understand why they are necessary.

Linguists working on any project (no matter how small or large) should be working under an NDA on your project or they will not be complying with GDPR.

Client confidentiality has always been important to us here at Creative Word which is why partners such as, the Dubai International Finance Centre, Dubai Tourism and Chanel have chosen to work with us time and again.


2. Translation Management System

If you are confident that your chosen translation services provider can ensure client confidentiality through the use of NDAs, then it is worth considering if they use a secure translation management system for the sending and receiving of translation files.

For instance, if you are sending files to your translation services provider which may have identifiable information then it must be sent through an encrypted email system.

When using the any of the translation services offered by Creative Word you can rest assured that we only use secure methods for file distribution and collection.

When working on a translation project we have relationship managers who are your sole point of contact and also project managers who deal with the hands-on aspects of your translation project.

They will ensure your project remains protected and that client confidentiality is upheld at all times.


3. Quality Standards and Accreditation

ISO certification for quality management systems is vital within the translation industry so checking your chosen provider has ISO accreditation is a good idea.

At Creative Word, we hold quality standards for our management systems known as ISO9001. Our processes, project managers and professional translators all add to the high standards we consistently achieve for our clients.

Training our staff to deal with new legislation (such as, GDPR), technological innovations, cultural awareness, quality standards, and linguistic and industry excellence is paramount to our high-quality service.


If you would like to discuss your translation project with the Creative Word please contact us, or to find out more about our quality standards, please click here.

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