Quality Interpretation Services for Online Multilingual Meetings

Here at Creative Word, we have always strived to deliver a professional, quality interpretation and translation service to our customers which suits their requirements and satisfies their expectations, so with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, we have advanced and improved our interpretation service to include a high-quality, accurate and efficient interpretation service for online multilingual meetings, conferences and events.

The following information explains how this interpretation service works, what situations it can be used for and will help potential customers select the right language service for their needs.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is designed to be inconspicuous, accurate, efficient and convenient for users who are ‘remote’ from other participants, and the interpreters.

It offers real-time interpretation, tailored to your specific requirements and language needs, in a safe and secure method.

Remote simultaneous interpretation can be used for:

• Online Multilingual Conferences – these are facilitated by interpreters who have access to the video and audio content of the conference via a live stream, online meeting platform such as, Zoom. Interpreters will interpret the speaker as they speak, so there is minimal, or no, time delay for viewers. Multiple languages can be accessed at the same time and any number of interpreters can be used.

• Remote Multilingual Meetings – as with online multilingual conferences, remote multilingual meetings are facilitated by a team of interpreters who have an audio (and visual, if required) link to the meeting. This allows them to work unseen as they interpret the speaker’s words to the relevant audience or participants. Ideal for international business meetings where participants may not be confident or fluent in the language(s) required. RSI will ensure communication is seamless, accurate and fully understood by all parties. A confidential and secure service is offered by the Creative Word interpretation team in virtually any language.


How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Works

RSI works by connecting an audience, participants, or speakers with interpreters who are based remotely from the event or meeting.

The interpreters have a live audio and visual feed, via the web, which allows them to simultaneously interpret what is being said into the target language for the recipients.

Numerous languages can be covered this way, with multiple interpreters all based remotely, so multilingual meetings, conferences and events are no issue

All participants can use their smartphones, laptop, or mobile devices so there is no need for cumbersome interpreting booths and specialist equipment, which can minimise cost but increase ease and speed of set up.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is:

• Reliable – all of Creative Word’s linguists are fully trained, fluent, consistent, and trustworthy. They are also specialists in many other fields such as law, marketing and business, so they frequently have an insider’s knowledge regarding technical terminology and current procedures.

• Cost-effective – there are no travel costs or the need for hiring expensive equipment when using Creative Word’s RSI service.

• Environmentally friendly – the reduced use of specialist equipment and the fact that interpreters and participants do not need to travel, means that RSI is more sustainable.


If your business requires interpretation services for virtual meetings, conferences, webinars or other remote events, please contact a member of the Creative Word team who will be happy to help you select the best service for your needs and ensure that you receive a first-class service.

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