How Professional Transcription Services Benefit your Global Business

Transcription and translation services are a necessity for many businesses that operate on a global level, yet some firms are still failing to utilise the full scope of these services to their best advantage.

Professional transcription services can help your firm grow in new, faster ways, ensuring clear communication and engagement with global customers, and reducing in-house costs associated with transcribing.

The following benefits can be gained by using a professional transcription service for your business:



1. Save Money by Using Professional Transcription Services

In-house transcription can be a lengthy process which requires man-power, experience, knowledge, specialist software and equipment, and will have all the costs linked to these factors.

For instance, your business may be required to transcribe general meetings for global stakeholders which, when completed in-house, would involve an office assistant, secretary or staff member who is well versed in transcription and translation and who can perform this task at speed while still maintaining a high level of accuracy. Retaining the services of a skilled transcriptionist in-house will cost your firm money every day.

However, when transcription is outsourced to a professional Language Services Provider, such as, Creative Word, we can access expert linguists, fast, reliable and accurate transcriptionists who have industry knowledge alongside their transcription expertise. You only pay for transcription services as and when you use them.

We also utilise all the latest technology, software and tools required for professional and highly accurate transcription and translation services so you can guarantee a quality transcription service, with a fast turn-around time, and at a minimal cost to your firm compared to the alternative.



2. Accuracy Assured with Professional Transcription Service

We all know that accuracy is vital for transcription – it can save potential embarrassment, disputes or even lawsuits.

Outsourcing your firm’s transcription needs to a professional Language Services Provider guarantees a high level of accuracy, especially when multiple languages are required.

Video and audio content, customer or stakeholder communications, training information and reports can all be transcribed within a specified time frame, with accuracy assured, when using professional transcription services.



3. Save Time with a Professional Transcription Service

Time is money, so the faster (and more accurately) your transcriptions are completed, the more time your firm has for getting on with the business at hand!

By outsourcing your transcription needs you can be sure that your employees are no longer trawling through hours of laborious audio transcription and that elements such as, time codes or translated subtitles are culturally and contextually accurate.



4. Flexibility with a Professional Transcription Service

With the COVID-19 pandemic we have all seen a rise in work-from-home situations and the subsequent need for online training, content and AI customer services in our predominantly contactless world.

This leads to an increased need for transcription and translation services for many firms so they can ensure continued staff-training, customer interaction and potential sales.

Using a professional transcription service ensures your training videos are culturally accurate (with subtitles or voice-overs as preferred) and that customers around the world can engage with your services, products, website, marketing material, and so on, no matter which language they speak.


For further guidance regarding professional transcription services offered at Creative Word, please click here to go to our dedicated transcription pages, or contact us here if you would like to discuss your requirements with an expert.

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