How Localizing your Website Helps International Expansion

Domestic customers have high expectations for websites they visit and from which they are looking to make a purchase – they want clear information on products or services, easy navigation and no-nonsense checkouts.

International customers demand the same, yet they are often disappointed, as many businesses think translating their website is sufficient for international expansion – unfortunately, it isn’t.

For the best results in international markets, a website should be localized for every region, location and language (or dialect).



Why Localization is Essential

Highly competitive, modern markets mean businesses need to consider their potential appeal to new customers; will they value the products or services on offer? What additional or varied expectations do they have regarding sales, customer service, and so on?

The answers to these questions help create products, services, websites, marketing materials, and customer service that appeals to specific international customers, promotes your brand and encourages sales.

However, once a potential international customer has discovered your products or service, and accesses your website looking to find out more, or make a purchase, they expect the same level of engagement and user-experience that they would find from a domestic website.

The only way to achieve this is with website localization.



What is Localization?

Localization (or l10n, as it is also known) is the process of adapting something to fit with a particular, local, market or audience.

For instance, firms that operate in global arenas will use localization to ensure that customers can access websites in their native language, make purchases using their native currency and engage with customer service or after-sales in a dialect and manner that is the best-fit for their location and expectations.

Website localization adapts the following:

• Images/symbols

• Language and dialects

• Colour

• Font

• Currency

• Weights and measures

• Time/date formats

• Text direction

Website localization considers language variations but also looks at the bigger picture. Adaptions for localization are not only language and dialect based, they also consider the cultural context.

For example, when localizing for Arabic-speaking audiences, consideration must be given to dialect, culture and location as Arabic is spoken by over 400 million people around the world, is an official language in more than 20 countries and has numerous spoken dialects.

International businesses that successfully localize their website for global customers are aware of cultural variations and adapt content to suit local audiences, ensuring they capture the hearts and minds of potential customers.



How Localizing your Website Helps International Expansion

Localizing your website will ensure that ‘potential’ customers become ‘actual’ customers who choose your brand time and again.

International customers will be able to find your website in their online search, browse your products or services in their native language, engage with social media, and interact with customer services, all of which will increase turnover and improve your ROI.

Localization will help you:

• Communicate effectively with customers

• Promote brand trust

• Ensure online sales are completed without fuss or problems

• Have greater market access

• Gain a competitive edge

• Improve customer satisfaction

• Expand into new markets

• Increase return on investment

• Boost traffic to your website


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This guarantees the best translation and localization service for your firm and ensures real value for money.

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