Lack of Translation for Websites Leads to Loss of Sales

Research conducted by the online payment portal Stripe, has found that lack of translation on checkout pages is to blame for a loss of sales on 450 of Europe’s top E-commerce sites.

The report, entitled “The State of European Checkouts in 2020” conducted by the San-Francisco based company (one of silicon valley’s most valuable startups), shows nine out of ten lost sales in Europe fail on the checkout page and that lack of translation on these pages was a common contributing problem.

It found that 74% of companies researched had no local language translation (localization) on their checkout page for customers based in other countries, or local payment options.

Among the 74% of websites that failed to translate into local languages for international customers those based in Spain offered no translations at all for other languages, while Dutch website checkouts were ‘the most likely to be translated into other languages”.

58% of European checkouts analysed had at least three basic errors, adding “unnecessary friction for customers”, and many sites based in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden (where the research was conducted) were not following best practices to maximise conversion.

The research showed that 9 out of 10 lost sales in Europe came from failures on the checkout page which included failure to verify card details and lack of local language translation.

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