Key Voiceover Trends for the Future

The past year has been unpredictable, to say the least; plans for the future have altered, businesses have had to adapt and industries have shifted their focus. Yet, with the vaccine roll-out around the globe and restrictions beginning to ease, we can now look forward in a more positive way, so our blog, key voiceover trends for the future, will help you plan your global marketing campaigns, training videos, and so on, accordingly.


1. Increase in Global E-Learning and Training

For many firms, remote working has become the new normal and the work-from-home culture has truly taken hold.

With this change in working practises comes a shift in training methods.

Firms looking to train new employees, continue professional development or educate their workforce on new technologies, will need to shift all their training online.

Effective translation, voiceovers and subtitles for training content will be essential in ensuring that a professional standard is upheld, employees fully understand their training, and content remains engaging and innovative, irrelevant of the language or setting.

By using professional voiceover services for translated training content, firms can guarantee their training is relevant, culturally appropriate, and globally accessible for their staff, no matter where they are working.

The demand for quality e-learning voiceovers will rise over the coming months reflecting the changes in training, working practises and technology that has occurred since the start of the pandemic.



2. Increase in Online Video Content

Platforms such as, YouTube, were already popular the world over, even before the pandemic, but with more of us at home, their popularity has soared to new heights.

Video content will become a staple for firms and brands looking to promote their business in new regions, engage their audience and market their goods.

Marketing strategies of the future will include video content with voiceovers, subtitles or translated subtitles and will be localized for maximum impact and regional engagement.

At Creative Word, we have already begun to see an increase in demand for professional subtitling and have created flexible, easy solutions to ensure firm’s requirements are dealt with in a simple, transparent and fast method.

You can find out more about how we do this, here.



3. Improved AI Voices and Tech Advances

The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered us unable to experience close human contact and communication so many firms have found it necessary to increase the use of technology and AI assistants in order to fulfil roles previously held by humans.

For instance, AI chat bots have become vital for basic online customer services.

This use is likely to increase as customers and consumers become more accustomed to them, and comfortable with using voice-activated assistants such as, Siri and Alexa.

Firms looking to offer quality customer services for global customers will need to offer localized voiceovers (even if they are AI) and offer translated voice options for different regions.



4. Increased Conversational-Style Voiceovers

While there has been a move towards AI and technologically enhanced voices over the last year, there has, conversely, been a move away from traditional, formal, and impersonal voiceovers leading to an increased demand for conversational-style voiceovers.

This seems linked to the strict social-distancing measures and the lack of human contact that we have all experienced recently, which has led us to seek familiarity, comfort and a human-connection in everyday experiences, such as advertising.

Conversational-style and regionally appropriate voices feel more natural and have been shown to increase brand trust and “improve satisfaction” for customers.


Looking ahead, firms will learn to adapt to different work practises and the new experiences linked to the pandemic. We will see a shift in voiceover and translation requirements to account for the differing needs of customers and businesses.

At Creative Word we offer professional language solutions for every industry and can assist with voiceovers, translation, localization and subtitles in over 80 languages.

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