Industry Translations – The Challenges of the Gas and Oil Industry

Creative Word offer expert, industry-specific translations for multiple industries and many well-known corporations around the world, but as we have offices based in the UAE, we often collaborate with partners from the gas and oil industry.

Translations of this type require specialist technical knowledge – terminology must be understood and accuracy assured when translating important documentation relating to lucrative deals and important projects.

Even translations provided for use within the same firm, but for different locations and offices around the globe, must be handled with confidentiality, attention to detail and consistency.

There are many challenges linked to the translation process in general but there are certain ones that are connected to gas and oil industry translations which we have taken a closer look at below.


1. Technical Terminology

Industry-specific, technical terminology and language are prolific in sectors such as oil and gas, law, medicine, and so on.

Translators working on projects in these sectors must have good industry knowledge, alongside their linguistic and cultural expertise in the language pairs, to give an accurate and consistent translation.

Technical jargon must be translated so that the document loses none of the detail while still retaining the original intent or information and ensuring that it can be understood in the target language.

For example, when translating contractual documents relating to an oil deal there are factors such as, differing contract laws within the source and target country that must be overcome so as to ensure the agreement is analogous, legal and binding in both languages, and that any currencies, weights and measures, patents, architectural plans, and so on, are all precisely translated.


2. Translation Partners and Industry Sectors

When carrying out a translation project for a gas and oil company there are often many other industries connected to the original project, under the umbrella of the gas and oil industry, which the Language Services Provider (LSP) must have expert knowledge of, in order to give an accurate translation.

The following list covers some of these sectors:

• Health and Safety

• Environment Agencies

• Architects

• Engineering

• Construction


Banking and Finance



3. Multilingual Translation Projects

The gas and oil industry is a multinational sector with links to every country around the globe.

It also has connections with many other industries (as seen above) and often generates contracts or deals with multiple partners based in many locations.

This can mean that the LSP is translating documents into as many as four or five different languages for just one project.

Of course, every language translation within the scope of this multilingual project must offer parity and consistency so that each department, office, individual, and company involved in the deal receives consistent information that is fully understood in the context with which it was originally intended.

Choosing a professional language services provider to partner with on projects that have a multilingual scope and which crosses numerous industry boundaries is vital to the success of the translation.


4. Accuracy and Consistency

Each of the topics above have explored the need for accuracy and consistency within translation projects for the gas and oil industry but this should be looked at in more detail as it cannot be overstressed.

Projects undertaken within the gas and oil industry include input from many individuals and companies. This might include subcontractors, data analysists, lawyers, mining experts, and so on, and all of these people will require access to the same information, which should be available in their native language for total comprehension.

If this information has been mistranslated it can cause potential issues with construction, data results, legal complications and delays in production, so accuracy is paramount.

Blueprints, designs, contracts, mining rights, and associated documentation must be as accurate as possible (both in terms of translating the technical language and the sub-context of the translation) in order to avoid costly delays and errors.


Companies that operate within the gas and oil sector must use language services providers that have expert industry knowledge and a proven track record to ensure their translation projects are performed with the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

Creative Word frequently partner with firms within the gas and oil sector (check out our list of partners here), so we have all the necessary experience and expertise required to give precise, confidential, and reliable translations for your firm.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your translation project, please contact us.

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