Google’s Interpreter Mode Offers Real Time Translation on your Mobile Device

Travelling abroad can be accompanied by many worries; finding the best place to stay, deciding how to travel while away, and navigating your way around unfamiliar cities can all cause potential issues, especially if you don’t speak the language!

However, Google’s Interpreter Mode, available via Google Assistant, now claims to be able to help with virtually every problem you might encounter while on your travels, including, finding the best priced flights, selecting local restaurants, and talking to the natives.

Google Interpreter Mode claims to give instant, real-time translations which are already available in 44 languages, so you simply need to download the Assistant App on your mobile device (if you don’t already have it, it’s available on Android and IOS phones worldwide) then say “Ok Google, help me speak Arabic”, for instance, and you should be able to have a conversation with someone who is a native Arabic speaker, even if you can’t speak a word of Arabic.

Google Assistant can also help with travel plans such as, checking your flight information, finding things to do locally, and checking time zones.

You can book hotels, reserve a table at a restaurant, ask for directions, translate menus, find local events, and much more – all with your voice or the touch of a button.

Google Assistant can be accessed through a voice activated control, or if you want to be more discreet, through the keyboard on your smartphone.

It can help you find country specific information online, remind you about bookings and reservations you’ve made for your trip, control settings at home such as, your heating, lights and so on.

Google Assistant can also recognise different voice profiles for multiple users so it knows who is talking to it and will tailor responses accordingly.

Asking for multiple things at the same time is also possible, so you can list a few things you’d like to know such as, “where is closest restaurant and how long will it take me to walk there?”. This means you can check out many different options, saving time opening numerous apps.

Speaking an unfamiliar language can be awkward, and even embarrassing if you’re unsure of pronunciation or meaning, so having Google’s Interpreter Mode can mean you are able to enjoy a conversation with foreign people without any burdens.

Make the most of the opportunity offered to interact with local people and find out more about the culture and country you are visiting – it could open many doors for you and be the start of new friendships.

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