Defining Language in Corporate Identity

Corporate language plays a key part in the identity and influence of your business and your brand. Ensuring your employees, departments, overseas offices and national branches all ‘speak’ the same corporate language, is vital in guaranteeing clear, persuasive communication with customers, stakeholders and employees.

Defining your brand identity, deciding what corporate language suits your business and the characteristics you wish to convey, can be a complex issue.

It can change depending upon location – what suits an English audience may not fit with a predominantly Muslim audience in the UAE – but, it must also convey a sense of the values your company holds and highlight what makes your business unique.

The following tips offer advice on what corporate language is, how to define your brand voice and how to ensure continuity of your corporate identity.

What is Corporate Language?

The term ‘corporate language’ includes elements such as, the words and images your company uses to convey their brand and message both internally, to employees, branches and divisions, and externally, to customers, stakeholders, partners, and so on.

It will be found in an advertising campaign, email, web content, design, slogan, press release, report, or internal message, and may also need to be adapted for several different languages if you are a multinational company.

Localizing this communication, for international branches or audiences, is vital if you wish to convey a consistent brand identity and voice, no matter where in world your business operates.


Corporate Language and Corporate Identity

Effective, profitable communication requires language that is persuasive, concise, accurate, consistent and personal.
Connecting with customers around the world is easier when you understand their culture and language; you can set the right tone, create the best impression, and distinguish yourself from your competition, with an effective corporate identity and brand voice that resonates with customers.

However, using language that is too technical (too much jargon that customers don’t understand), or language that is inconsistent (for example, using two different words to describe the same item) can confuse customers and lead to high bounce-rates on websites and loss of sales.

Culture, and cultural identity, play a huge part in language so selecting the right tone for your corporate language is crucial when establishing your company overseas. Getting it right can take time and effort, but getting it wrong can cost you a loss of business, income and custom.

Using a professional translation and localization provider, to assist with the design and language elements of your corporate identity, will ensure you get it right. They understand the language, culture and people and can advise on matters such as, style guides, tone of voice, brand image, logo, taglines, corporate dictionaries, and so on, ensuring a continuity of brand identity around the world.

There are two useful ways that a professional translation and localization provider can assist with developing your corporate identity and language, these are:

• Language Style Guides – style guides can assist with ensuring that the language your company uses for all its communications remain consistent, clear and concise. They can be created by your language service provider for new international markets so that brand consistency is ensured overseas, and can be tailored to suit a particular audience profile. Sharing language style guides with employees, branches and divisions throughout your company will give uniformity of brand and language identity across all platforms within your company.

• Multilingual Corporate Dictionary – a corporate language dictionary (preferably an online version that is accessible to all staff and for every language required) will help with consistent terminology for technical terms across all languages and countries. Ideally, definitions and additional information should be contained here to assist with efficiency and clarity across departments or borders. Professionally created, multilingual corporate language dictionaries support a continuity within customer communications, internal messaging, advertising campaigns, websites and social media posts, so that your corporate brand is promoted with clarity, consistency and efficiency.

Defining language in your corporate identity overseas can be challenging if you don’t understand the language and culture. Ask a professional language service provider to help with translation and localization if you aren’t confident with this, so that you promote your business in the best way.

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