What is the Most Beautiful Language in the World?

Languages are complex things – we can use them to tell someone we love them (or hate them) sing songs, share secrets, or write awesome blogs using them, so deciding what language is the most beautiful in the world is really quite difficult.

This is partly because language can be used in many forms (spoken, written, sung and expressed through body language) but also because beauty is a matter of taste, what appears to be beautiful to one person could be abhorrent to another.

However, there are a handful of languages which are almost universally believed to be beautiful, either for their melodic sound or pleasing cursive script, and our favourites can be found below.



The Arabic Language

We might be a little biased about this one, considering we’re experts in the Arabic language, but we aren’t the only ones who think that the Arabic language is uniquely beautiful.

Over the last millennia the Arabic language has influenced many other languages around the globe from Bulgarian to Spanish, even some English words such as, Guitar and coffee, are based on Arabic words.

Arabic also has the most beautiful cursive script, which is considered an art form in its own right.

Historically, Arabic scribes and calligraphers were honoured artists and the Arabic script was placed on everything from buildings to textiles to enhance their beauty and importance.

It is easy to see why the Arabic language has a long traditional with oral poetry too as it requires consideration and emphasis when spoken to ensure full understanding or intent, and its complexity conveys the descriptive nature of the language.

For us, the sight and sound of the Arabic language is a joy to see and hear with its seemingly endless flow of elaborate flourishes from right-to-left and its musically mysterious tones.

The world is a more beautiful place because of it.



The Italian Language

Often considered to be the language of love, Italian is full of poetic expressions, passion and theatrics.

The words tend to roll off the tongue with ease due to the drawn-out vowels and short consonant structure that seem to denote eloquence and style all by themselves! It is a musical language, and it is no wonder that we draw many words linked to music from the language such as, piano, concert, opera, soprano and alto.

Italy was the cultural centre of Europe for centuries, celebrated by artists, nobility and literary geniuses for its beautiful landscape, people and language, and it retains this well-earned reputation today.



The French Language

Our third and final choice for beautiful languages has to be French.

The sexy, rolling Rs, and sensual, soft words of the French language were made for romantic evenings spent strolling along the Seine.

Combined with the totally chic and beautiful people that France seem to produce, it is no wonder that French is famous for being a beautiful language.

Even the way we have to shape our mouths (and lips) to pronounce some of the French vowel sounds such as, the ‘u’ from ‘une’ or ‘viola’ mimic the motion of forming a kiss, and everyone knows the French invented kissing, that’s why it’s called ‘French Kissing’.


Language is subjective but there is beauty to be found everywhere. Let us know in the comment section below which language is your favourite, and why.

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