3 Tips for Successful Multilingual Content Marketing

Multilingual content marketing is an essential component in a firm’s bid to attract a global audience but with the huge variety of options now available to customers, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for firms to create content that has maximum appeal while still leading to sales.

Effective multilingual content marketing is possible but firms now need to work towards building meaningful relationships with potential customers, not just ply them with more ads for products or services.

Making contact, building trust, then providing a profusion of quality content including blogs, vlogs, social media posts and ads that are informative, engaging, relevant and accessible for everyone, is time-consuming, but achievable.

Our tips for successful multilingual content marketing are here to help…



1. Know your Multilingual and Multicultural Audience

Connecting with customers through your content depends upon their ability to understand it and engage with it.

If you aren’t providing content in the right language or your content is culturally inappropriate, you won’t gain that vital first connection.

Before embarking on any multilingual content marketing campaign, find out who your customers are, what they want and how to best connect with them.

For instance, social media platforms are popular the world over but if you plan on using only Facebook or Twitter, you need to be aware that these aren’t the dominant sites in every country.

Check what sites are most popular in the region you are targeting, optimize your content by using a professional Language Services Provider (LSP) to ensure quality, accurate and relevant translations and make sure content is localized to your audiences’ expectations.



2. Translate and Localize

Translation is a great first step in ensuring your target audience can understand your content but to really connect with customers in a particular region, content must be localized.

Localization considers factors such as;

• Language/Dialect

• Images

• Places

• People

• Religion

• Weights and Measures

• Currency

• National Holidays

• Sports

Localization ensures that content is created or adapted to fit your target market and it goes way beyond language.

For instance, a UK firm looking to move into the Middle East must consider cultural changes such as, religion as this plays a huge part in the social structure of the Middle East.

National holidays are different, along with styles of dress, appropriate behaviours, preference and meaning of colours and general lifestyles, so content created for your home audience is unlikely to be suitable for a Middle Eastern one.

Localization ensures your content looks, acts and sounds like it has created especially for the targeted region.

Localized content raises brand awareness, encourages customer involvement and promotes brand trust, all of which helps to encourage sales.



3. Use a Professional Language Services Provider

You will be judged on your content by your audience and if it fails to meet their expectations, in terms of language or cultural fit, your customers will click away from your site or ignore your ad.

Using a professional LSP will guarantee your content has maximum appeal for your multilingual audiences and gives you the best return on investment.

A professional LSP can assist with every aspect of multilingual content marketing from creating a glossary of frequently used terms for repeat translations to advising on design elements for a particular campaign.

They will be your go-to partner for all your language requirements, offering linguistic expertise and cultural knowledge.

Some LSPs also offer linguists with experience and qualifications in other industries, benefiting a more in-depth translation and greater accuracy, especially valuable in technical translations or for particular industries.

Further information about professional language services can be found on our blog page, or on our dedicated services page.

Contact a member of the Creative Word team if you require help with a specific project or for further advice on multilingual content marketing.

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