H&M Pull Socks Over Arabic Word ‘Allah’

Cultural awareness has never been more essential than in today’s global marketplace as H&M, the Swedish fashion giants, recently discovered. According to an article in the Evening Standard online H&M have withdrawn a range of socks due to complaints that the pattern on them bore a resemblance to the word Allah in Arabic. The offending … Read More

Translation in Computer Software Copyright Law

Translating copyrighted materials illegally is big business, with the Japanese Government claiming that unauthorised distribution of Japanese manga, anime, and games has led to losses of over US$35billion. According to a recent article on Anime News Network, police from five different Japanese territories arrested five Chinese nationals for possession of translated dialogue from Japanese manga … Read More

Translation Companies in Dubai: How to Choose the Best Agency

When it comes to translation there is nothing more crucial than selecting the right translation company as you shouldn’t leave the decision swinging in the balance. Multi-lingual communities like Dubai rely on translation services for prosperous business procedures, cross-culture communications, and successful professional developments. Choosing the right translation company will ensure your company branding is … Read More

The UAE’s Role in the FinTech Movement

Since 2010, global investment in FinTech ventures has exceeded $60 billion. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has claimed stake to only 1% of this. Could Islamic / FinTech provide the panacea for innovation in the region and the 1.6 billion burgeoning global muslim and MENA populations alike? Some of the key drivers behind … Read More

Learning the Arabic Language – Tips that Will Translate into Success

Learning a new language has many benefits; you improve memory, intellect and concentration, while simultaneously reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, sometimes it can be extremely difficult – we aren’t all gifted linguists. And, if you’re learning Arabic it can be even more difficult. Arabic is considered one of the most problematic languages … Read More

Top Tips for Junior Lawyers – How to Get Ahead

Junior associates work hard in large law firms; you watch as the partners bring in the work, the senior associates manage the workload, and then you have to get down to the nitty gritty. Of course, you hope it won’t always be this way. In time you can progress through the firm, working your way … Read More

Smart Business Development is Crucial for Lawyers

Business Development is a skill that will continue to grow in importance as the legal market becomes even more commercial and competitive. It is imperative for legal consultants to excel at business development. So, what is Business Development? In short, it is getting and keeping clients by building relationships. Traditionally, Business Development was left to … Read More

How to Prepare for Multilingual Conferences with Interpreters

Any good conference takes preparation, sometimes months of work goes on unseen before the main event, but when working with a multilingual audience and interpreters there are extra concerns that should be considered. For your event to be successful you should begin working with your interpreters as early as possible, well in advance of the … Read More

Tips for Lawyers – How to Stop Procrastinating

We all procrastinate. Those minutes spent at the coffee machine, the reading of spam or junk emails, indecision, or chatting to work colleagues all amount to procrastination, and whether we like to admit it, or not, we all do it in some form or another. Sometimes, procrastinating can be a way of organising your mind … Read More