The World’s Top Ten Most Spoken Languages

With more than 7000 languages in use today, you might be surprised to learn that almost half of us speak one of only 10 main languages as our native language. Of course, the precise number of languages fluctuates constantly but almost a third of these are considered to be endangered due to so few native … Read More

Understanding the Translation Process

Many clients who use translation services have a limited understanding of the processes their documents, advertising, text, website or other copy will go through while being translated. This knowledge gap can lead to misunderstandings, delays in translation, or potential unseen cost increases, so it is vital that a clear understanding of the translation process is … Read More

Why Proofreading is Vital For Translations

Translation is a complex process – it involves the communication of a message from the source language (original), to the target language (new), and will usually involve a team of translators and linguists who take each translation through the different stages, from its original form to a finished text that is ready for its target … Read More

Middle Eastern University Reviews Arabic Language Search Engine

According to MENAFN (The Jordan Times) in a recently published article, Birzeit University’s, led by Mustafa Jarrar, have just finished a review of their eight year study which aimed to enrich Arabic content online through the use of a dictionary search engine, the Arabic ontology engine, and the Curras online corpus for the Palestinian dialect. … Read More

Classical and Modern Standard Arabic

Over 400million people around the world speak Arabic, meaning it is the 5th most spoken language in the world at present with countries as diverse as Algeria and the Yemen, to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates listing it as their official language. Like most other languages of today, the Arabic language has evolved from … Read More

Pope Arrives in UAE with his own Arabic Translator

Pope Francis arrived in Abu Dhabi at the Presidential Airport on Sunday evening (4th February 2019) for his landmark visit to the UAE. He was accompanied by his second personal secretary, who is also his translator, Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid, a Coptic Catholic priest. They were greeted by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of … Read More

Translation Category – Long-List Announced for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award

The nominations for the translation category of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, were announced last week, according to Gulf News. Of the original 107 nominations, just 12 have been selected for the long-list, including translations from English to Arabic, French to Arabic, and German to Arabic.   Of the longlisted titles, the following are English-to-Arabic … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Website Localisation

The majority of research suggests that most internet shoppers prefer to browse, and purchase, from sites that operate in their native language. This means that websites which operate an ‘English language only’ policy are likely to be missing out on prospective customers, due to their limited choice of language. Failure to localize your website for … Read More

Tips on How to Assist Your Arabic Interpreter

Working well with an interpreter takes practice and preparation – interpreters are usually heard, but not necessarily seen, and this take time to perfect. When working with an Arabic interpreter, whether this be at a conference, in an immigration office, in a hospital, or at a private meeting, it is essential that you give your … Read More

Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies for a Global Workforce

A global workforce has become the norm for many businesses, across all industries, which means today’s managers require an effective strategy for cross-cultural communication within their team. Appreciating difference, understanding cultures, and removing language barriers, can all be difficult talents for a manager to juggle, but help is at hand. In order to fully understand … Read More