Consecutive vs Simultaneous Interpreting – Which One For Me?

You might be traveling and carrying out more international business than ever before, and while it’s beneficial to knock down cultural barriers and unlock new revenue opportunities, you do have to overcome language differences to achieve this. Many opt for the logical choice to have an interpreter by their side, but are you clear if … Read More

Tourism in Dubai Set to Soar to 20 Million by 2020

Dubai tourism figures are expected to increase exponentially over the next four years, with an estimated 20 million international tourists due to visit the United Arab Emirates city by 2020. According to The Express online, Dubai has witnessed an unprecedented number of visitors in recent years and these figures are expected to rise as the … Read More

Translation, Travel and Tourism: The Perfect Combination

The tourism and travel industry generates almost 10% of the total GDP across the globe, is one of the biggest employers, and is near the top of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Of course, the translation industry is never far behind – they are closely linked, for obvious reasons. Travel and tourism comes … Read More

Continuing Legal Professional Development and Career Advancement

Continuing Professional Legal Development (CLPD) and career advancement go hand-in-hand with each other. To ensure your career continues moving in a positive direction, and your skills are honed to perfection, it pays to consider more than just the mandatory courses in which all lawyers will partake. In Dubai, each Legal Consultant registered on the roll … Read More

Dubai’s Birmingham University Campus Welcomes Students this September

This September, Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) will be a step closer to creating a global, world-class education centre, with the addition of the University of Birmingham campus. According to Arabian Business online, the University of Birmingham officially opened its campus in February, but will welcome its first cohorts this September, and is the first … Read More

Packaging Translation – What You Should Know

Translating packaging can be problematic at the best of times; do you need to alter images? Will the target language fit the dimensions on the packaging? Or, are there regulations you need to consider? Regulations in place all around the world mean it is vital you use the correct information on packaging labels. This can … Read More

Levantine Arabic: Prominence Assured with Microsoft Speech Translation

The global prominence of Arabic languages has had a boost in the last few days, due primarily, to Microsoft Translator’s introduction of Levantine Arabic to its list of languages available for speech translation. Levantine, an Arabic dialect, spoken by over 32 million people in countries such as Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, is the 11th spoken … Read More

Content Marketing in MENA

The Arabic language is spoken by over 420 million people worldwide and is considered to be one of the top five global languages. However, in June 2018, only about 0.6% of online content is available in Arabic according to Wikipedia. Surprisingly, there seems to be a limited number of companies that offer an Arabic version … Read More

Amazon Launch Arabic Language Kindle Books

Amazon, the American electronic commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, has just launched over 12,000 Arabic language books for Kindle devices. According to Arab News, the move has been greeted with enthusiasm by publishers, book-worms, and aspiring writers from the Arabic-speaking world. Readers will now be able to access a huge selection of … Read More

Arabic Footballers, Translators, and Singers Perform in World Cup

With four Arab teams making it to the World Cup in Russia this year, football mania looks set to take the Middle East by storm. However, it’s not only footballers that need to perform well during the World Cup! Translation experts from around the globe have converged in Russia, where 32 nations are competing for … Read More