Dubai Translation Challenge Enters Next Phase

The Dubai Translation Challenge, begun in September 2017 in a bid to increase the knowledge base of Arab students in subjects such as, math and science, has now entered phase two. The launch of the second phase of the imitative was watched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as he followed up on progress … Read More

UAE must Improve Teaching of Arabic Language

According to an article in The National online, researchers have found that children in the UAE are leaving school without the ability to speak Arabic fluently, and with poor command of written skills in their native language. Professor Helen Abadzi, from the University of Texas, told the Gulf Comparative Education Society symposium that Arabic students … Read More

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content is the fuel that motivates your marketing, cultivates your customers, and stimulates your sales. Whether you are producing content as a marketer, or a lawyer attempting to generate additional clients for your law firm, you will soon realise that the adage ‘content is king’ is a concept you must learn to embrace. Content marketing … Read More

Specialising in Legal Translations

Legal translations require a high degree of expert knowledge. They involve not only the ability to translate from one language to another, but also a good grasp of different law structures. If you have recently completed a translation and interpretation degree you might be considering specialising in legal translations. This is an extremely fast developing … Read More

How to Simplify Your Legal Writing Skills

Strong writing skills within the legal profession are essential, after all, we aren’t continuously standing in front of judge and jury pleading our case, as they like to portray on TV shows. Lawyers are always reading and writing, so we should constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve our talents, and become better … Read More

What to Look Out for When Translating Medical Websites into Foreign Languages

Medical companies, such as pharmaceuticals, or companies that manufacture medical technology, who wish to sell their products in other countries will need to translate many different documents in order to satisfy legislation. For instance, clinical trial paperwork, product instructions, contents listings, certifications, and so on, are required when moving into new markets abroad. A medical … Read More

Ten Tips for Succeeding in your Law Firm

Navigating your way through your law career is not always plain sailing. You may have survived law school with minimal storm damage, and landed at the perfect port with your new law firm, but how do you manage to clamber to the top of the rigging within your new firm? As with any career, the … Read More

How to Choose the Best Agency to Translate your Website

To compete in today’s global markets businesses require multilingual websites, with professionally translated, localised content that will appeal to target audiences in specific areas. Companies can offer their services, goods, or products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year through the internet, the only catch is… ensuring your customers, consumers, … Read More

Agile Working for the Next Generation of Lawyers

Modern work approaches for forward-thinking companies are becoming more varied; employers now recognise that flexible hours, job-sharing, and working remotely from the office, can give increased productivity, greater work-satisfaction, and reduce costs. However, many law firms seem to be a little behind the times when it comes to implementing changes in work procedures and ethics. … Read More

Egyptian Arabic Losing Language Dominance in Arab World

The Cairo International Book Fair, which commenced in January, is the largest literary gathering of its kind in the Arab World. This year’s theme was “Soft Power, How?” A good question to ask Egyptians, as the decline of their once dominant language, mimics the general decline of Egypt’s influence over the Middle East according to … Read More