Arabic Footballers, Translators, and Singers Perform in World Cup

With four Arab teams making it to the World Cup in Russia this year, football mania looks set to take the Middle East by storm. However, it’s not only footballers that need to perform well during the World Cup! Translation experts from around the globe have converged in Russia, where 32 nations are competing for … Read More

The Trouble with Translating the Arabic Language

Translating from one language to another is often a complicated task due to subjective notions regarding language, the use of regional dialects, idioms and figures of speech, and differences between the spoken or written languages. However, translating Arabic can be even more troublesome due to the complex nature of the language and because it is … Read More

How Translation Bridges Civilisation Gaps

A recent article in The Arab Weekly suggests the translation of literature can bridge the civilisation gap between cultures, and considers the vital role that translators play in this process. The Arab Weekly talked to Hussein Mahmoud Hamouda, professor of Italian literature and language at the College of Arts of Helwan University in Egypt, and … Read More

Classic Literature Translated for Arabic Readers

Classic literary works, by a variety of global authors, are being translated for Arabic readers in a bid to revive the translation movement in the Arabic world, and to support the vibrant cultural community in Abu Dhabi. The translations are undertaken by a non-profit initiative based in Abu Dhabi called ‘Kalima’. They fund, translate, publish … Read More

Five Talents Professional Interpreters Offer

Interpretation is the spoken form of translation, and as such, requires different talents to standard linguistic services. Interpretation is often performed in high-powered places such as, business meetings, courtrooms, political arenas, hospitals, and so on, where accuracy is key to comprehension and a successful outcome. There are two main types of interpretation that are most … Read More

New Initiative to Support Emirati Arabic Dialect

A research project, undertaken at UAE University’s Department of Linguistics, has chronicled the Emirati dialect for compilation into a database, in an effort to identify development and speech disorders in children. The compilation includes a database of transcribed texts based on six children communicating with their carers in their home environment. It is the first … Read More

HBKU Proud of Impact on Arabic Translations

According to Dr Amal Mohammed al-Malki, founding dean of the Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) College of Humanities and Social Sciences, current graduates are changing the face of translation in Qatar and the Middle East to a great extent. She highlighted the importance of the College’s graduates while speaking to the Gulf Times about the … Read More

Abu Dhabi Courts to Trial Live Translation System

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) have announced the launch of an interpretation centre to provide courts with translation services for all stages of trial. This new initiative will provide translation services via video hearings at each phase, and aims to reduce the need for translators to travel between venues according to a recent article … Read More

Website Localisation and Customer Service

Most of us are aware of how vital professional translation is when targeting foreign audiences, but localisation is the key to unparalleled continued success when it comes to customer service, brand popularity, and ultimately, financial reward. A Common Sense Advisory poll which surveyed 10 countries in 2014, showed that there is a powerful bias towards … Read More

How Language Translates Colour

Language and culture can affect how we see and interpret colours, according to an article by Aina Casaponsa and Panos Athanasopoulos in The Conversation Online. For those who are investigating new overseas markets for their business this difference can lead to misunderstanding, confusion, or even a failed marketing campaign. The information below will help you … Read More