Why Visit Expo 2020 Dubai?

With preparations that began more than a decade ago, a year long delay due to a worldwide pandemic, and a futuristic, desert-based Expo centre covering more than 4sqkm, Expo 2020 Dubai is, without a doubt, the most eagerly anticipated Expo in history!

Running from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, Expo 2020 offers visitors the opportunity to view the most exciting and innovative global collaborations linked to the sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, all in one purpose-built site.

Some of the greatest inventions in recent history have first been show-cased at previous World Expos – for instance, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the world’s first telephone in 1876 at Philadelphia’s Expo and the first mechanical computer was displayed at the 1862 London International Exhibition on Industry and Art.

World Expos are places where virtually every nation’s finest creative, technological, and innovative minds come together to showcase the future – it is an opportunity to great to miss!



What’s on Offer at Expo 2020?

With 192 country pavilions, food from every corner of the world, entertainment ranging from opera to A-list stars, business and entrepreneurship, sports and wellbeing, architecture, and so much more, there really is something to suit every taste and thrill every sense.

Below you’ll find a snapshot of each district and some of the experiences available:


Country Pavilions

Each participating country has its own pavilion where visitors can fully immerse themselves in the culture and engage with the futuristic concepts created by each nation.

With 192 countries to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Each country has chosen one of the sub-themes (sustainability, opportunity, or mobility) which is reflected within their pavilion and the experiences available.


Sustainability District

Within the Sustainability District, you’ll see some of the world’s most advanced technology in action, be able to see what countries are doing to champion sustainability, and can experience how humans can enjoy living in harmony with nature in a high-tech future.

Countries within the Sustainability District include Brazil, Singapore, and Germany.

Here you’ll find waterfalls, rainforests, futuristic labs, miniature worlds, and much, much more.


Mobility District

Within our world of limitless connections, human progress is driven by mobility which transforms the way we live, connect with others, understand cultures, exchange information, and adapt.

The Mobility District showcases a futuristic, global society where the physical and digital worlds are connected to create a harmonious global culture where knowledge, goods, and ideas are exchanged with phenomenal speed.

Within the Mobility District you find countries such as, Australia, Russia, and the Republic of Korea.

They showcase autonomous vehicles, space travel, new concepts in mobility devices (which can be viewed in action on a 330m track) and so much more.


Opportunity District

The Opportunity District is the key to unlocking opportunities that can help individuals and communities create a promising future. It is the place where ideas come to life, and you can witness how each of these opportunities provide hope for all of us.

Dreams and aspirations are transformed into tomorrow’s realities and future possibilities are revealed.

Countries in the Opportunity District include the UK, Monaco and the Ukraine.

Here you’ll find futuristic technologies creating 3 ‘smart zones’, a garden of opportunity where it is possible to see things differently, and you can even hike up the ‘Swiss Alps‘!


Business Opportunities at Expo 2020

However, Expo 2020 isn’t all play…there is work to be done too.

With a full calendar of events and occasions linked to the business world such as, global investment forums, inspiring addresses from key speakers, and investor pitching conferences, there are unique opportunities waiting for you and your business.

More information about Expo 2020 can be found at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE website.

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