Telephone Interpreting for Your Organization

Translation services are used by organizations and businesses in every sector to boost their market reach, interact with customers and take their brand, and products, global. Translating marketing materials, localizing social media accounts, interpreting remote business meetings, or adapting websites for local audiences all require the services of a professional language services provider in order to fulfil these tasks effectively and accurately.

Telephone interpreting is another way that language service providers can enhance a firm’s business operations and services, giving instantaneous communication with potential customers, clients, partners or suppliers anywhere in the world.

It offers an opportunity to provide fast, accurate and reliable language services, improving brand trust and reliability. Customers are more confident as they can communicate with the organization in their native language, problems are resolved with speed, and a uniform service is achieved around the globe.

Similarly, by using a language services provider who is also an industry specialist, organizations can be confident that the interpreter understands industry terminology and the context is fully grasped.

Telephone interpreting is also a cost-effective service.

Communications are instantaneous with no loss of time or potential income (so customers do not have to wait for a written translated response) and organizations can offer the interpretation service through a low-cost line.

Telephone interpreting services can be preferable to face-to-face interpretation (especially with the current Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing) as they offer a fast, efficient, anonymous service which is not limited by language, culture or geographical location.

Organizations choose telephone interpreting for the following reasons:

1. Standard global service – is achieved for customers, no matter where they are located, improving brand faith

2. Fast response – no waiting for a translation, interpreting is instantaneous

3. No in-house interpreters needed – costs can remain low if telephone interpreting is outsourced

4. Anonymity assured – ideal for medical interpretations, customer responses, market research, and so on.

5. Lower costs – than face-to-face interpretation with no travel or accommodation costs for interpreters

6. 24/7 service – is possible with no need to worry about time zones or a potential loss of trade. Interpreters can also be available at short notice for unexpected enquiries

7. Expert foreign language service – is achieved when outsourcing to a professional language services provider


When telephone interpreting is professionally completed it gives an effective, seamless foreign-language solution for any organization.

International trading is not compromised or restricted by an inability to communicate successfully with B2C or B2B so reliability and professionalism are maintained no matter which language is required.


If you would like to find out more the interpreting services we offer at Creative Word, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our team here to discuss your requirements.

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