Take on the World with Website Translation and Multilingual SEO

Your company has made great progress in its home territory; the website looks awesome and is working well, customers are sharing your products on social media, and profits are up, you’re ready to take on the world!

Or are you?

Reaching an international audience and being successful in a foreign market, requires two key factors – Website Translation and Multilingual SEO.

Without these components, your new audience will fail to navigate your website (assuming they can find and access it at all) and it is unlikely they’ll complete a purchase.

Speaking your customers’ language is essential so website translation and multilingual SEO ensures you’ll communicate clearly, connect positively, and build your brand confidently.



Website Translation

Translating your website is a necessity but there’s a lot more to consider than just language when entering a foreign-language speaking market.

Purchasing behaviours are affected by aspects of a website such as, privacy policies, ease of ordering, delivery costs, payments methods, and so on, so it really pays to understand your target audience, their preferences, and typical behaviours.

Translating your website is just the first step.

Key to encouraging customers to engage with your products, and make a purchase, is localization.

Localization offers a ‘local’ adaption which covers the following:

• Language/dialect

• Cultural norms

• Currency

• Content

• Display (including, font, layout, appearance and so on for preferred local usage)

• Colours

• Images

• Accurate representation of people and places

• Formatting of dates/time/weights and measures

• Data collection (including phone numbers, contact us forms, emails)

• Navigation preferences

Localization is an in-depth adaption which considers the cultural and linguistic nuances which alter from one area to another.

Localizing your website gives it a more natural feel for overseas customers, encouraging trust and building beneficial customer experiences.



Multilingual SEO

To succeed in an international arena and be ready to take on the world, your translation and localization strategy will also need to consider cultural nuance linked to SEO.

This includes areas such as, localized search terms, search engine variances and keyword research.

A professional Language Services Provider (preferably one who specializes in the languages you require) should be your first port of call as they’ll have the in-depth local knowledge and intricate technical know-how required to help you increase your online presence and successfully promote your brand.

At Creative Word our multilingual SEO services help clients with the following:

• Localized Search Terms – combining your brief and our expert local knowledge, we identify the most common search terms for a particular audience or region. We consider aspects such as, linguistic/dialectic variances, colloquial terminology, and industry insights to create a personalized profile of the language your audience uses and apply this to build a multilingual SEO map.

• Keyword Research – once your map is underway, we utilize these localized search terms to assess potential keywords. These localized keywords will be woven into your translated website content so that search engines and customers can find and access your site, making it user-friendly and SEO ready.

• Search Engines – While Google claims to be used the world over, it isn’t necessarily the go-to search engine for every region. Understanding which search engine is dominant in your intended market, if you should use a country-specific domain name, and which external links (and backlinks) will help boost your search rankings, is vital for success. Having worked with firms from many sectors and across multiple languages, our team has the expertise to guide you in these technical choices.

At Creative Word, we have been helping our clients achieve their global dreams for two decades.

Our Relationship Managers are always on hand to offer advice and assistance for anyone considering localizing or translating a website. They understand what it takes to be successful in an overseas market with the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

All our translators and interpreters are native speakers with additional training or qualifications in other fields including, law, marketing, and IT.

We work with large global brands and small local firms, and no-matter the size or scale of your business, you’ll receive a five-star service.

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