Why Professional Translation is Essential for International Expansion

Going global is no longer an option for successful small and medium-sized businesses, it’s a tactical imperative, especially if they wish to keep up with their competition, grow their business and increase their brand reach.

Of course, ‘going global’ doesn’t just include selling products to overseas customers, but also dealing with international suppliers, designers, and buyers, or government-based organisations and regulators, all of which often require the use of translation service providers.

Working with other international businesses and customers can be hugely beneficial to all those involved – processes can be carried out in the most cost effective manner, talent pools are huge, and of course, there are many more customers who are likely to benefit from your services or products.

However, there is one main impediment to global operations of this kind, language.

Language barriers can cause significant challenges for businesses wishing to globalise their company so finding a professional, reliable translation service provider to work with is crucial to success.

The points below explore how the use of a reputable translation company can assist you with international expansion.


Translation Technology, Machine Translation and Human Translators

Translation technology has enjoyed an accelerated advance in recent years and it is now simply a case of speaking into a translation app on your smartphone if you want to order a pizza in Italian, ask directions to tourist attractions in Russian, or find out how much a taxi fare will cost in English.

However, if you require translation services for business use, translation apps such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, don’t yet offer the infallible accuracy and reliability required and expected by businesses and their customers.

While all language service providers use translation technology such as, translation memory systems (TM) and Translation Management Systems (TMS), these are professional tools which have been designed especially for translation companies, and are used with other dedicated translation support systems such as glossaries, human translators and Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) methods.

Using an expert human translator, who is a native speaker and understands all the cultural sensitivities required within the language pairs, gives a polished, professional, and practised translation that is well worth the initial investment.


Professional Translation, Localisation and Customer Experience

Customers demand a good quality, grammatically accurate, and culturally appropriate website from the businesses they purchase from – if they find your website is full of spelling errors, has inappropriate images, or looks disordered and chaotic, they are more inclined to click off your site than continue browsing.

In a bid to offer an exceptional customer experience it is vital to have a fully translated and localised website with a market-based adaption of language, prices, images, text, weights and measures, and so on.

Your localised website will rank higher on search engines due to improved keyword use, will instantly appeal to customers and will reflect your emphasis on quality and investment in your brand.


Translation and Business Progression

Specialist translation service providers, such as, Creative Word, offer services ranging from App creation and translation to website translation and design, or multilingual copywriting to interpreting – all of which can help your business progress into new markets.

However, the standard of these services is widely variable, so it is vital that you check credentials such as, ISO 9001 which guarantees quality management services are in place, ask for examples of previous translation projects, and also enquire about the availability of industry specialists (for example, law and medicine) if you require these services, as this should give your translation project the best chance of success.

Likewise, translation service providers who use native-speaking translators and specialise in certain language pairs, are well worth first consideration as they are likely to offer more consistent, accurate and relevant translations.

Working consistently with the same language partner over time will enable faster, cheaper and more reliable translation projects as glossaries, Translation Memory Systems, and other translation tools will be in place for your specific requirements.

If you would like to find out how our expert linguists at Creative Word can help your company achieve successful international expansion, please contact us.

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