Holy Quran Teaching becomes Compulsory in Punjab Universities

According to an online article by Gulf Today, the Punjab government have made teaching of the Holy Quran with translation mandatory for all university students.

The official notification, released by the government stated “Lecturers in all the universities of Punjab will teach the Holy Quran with translation to all students” and that students would not be awarded their degree if they did not study the Quran with translation.

The subject of Islamiat is already taught in all universities in the region and the Holy Quran will be taught separately from this.

Governor, Chaudhry Sarwar, proposed that success in the material world, and the hereafter, would only be achieved through correct application of the guidelines within the Quran.

He tweeted “the historical decision to teach the Quran with Urdu translation has been implemented. This would be a compulsory subject in universities of Punjab without which a degree won’t be awarded.”

He believes that Quran will offer a complete code of life for students and help them to achieve God’s favour.

Sarwar required all universities to add teaching of the Quran to their syllabus, and reminded them of their responsibility to educate the younger generations and share their knowledge of the Quran.

Amendments are due to be made to the Punjab constitution so that it becomes compulsory for universities to teach the Quran with translation as soon as possible.

The recommendation, which suggested making the teaching of the Holy Quran with translation compulsory in all provincial universities, came from a seven-member committee of Vice chancellors headed by Professor Niaz Ahmed from the Punjab University VC, and set-up by the Punjab governor.

The notification from the committee suggests that “the Quran course may have equivalent to one credit hour per year (Theory/Practical) as the relevant university feels appropriate” and the High Education Commission (HEC) state that the hours in an undergraduate program “must be followed”.

As for assessment of the Quran course, it is believed that the course will offer a pass/fail grade, but universities may assign different grade systems, as they can in other courses, if they feel it is necessary.

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