Dubai Translation Challenge Enters Next Phase

The Dubai Translation Challenge, begun in September 2017 in a bid to increase the knowledge base of Arab students in subjects such as, math and science, has now entered phase two.

The launch of the second phase of the imitative was watched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as he followed up on progress of the initiative, which falls under part of his Arabic e-learning project.

The translation challenge aims to translate 5000 videos, and 11 million words of educational content for use by over 50 million students throughout UAE, in an effort to bridge the educational gap in the Arab world.

Sheikh Mohammed said “We have one team of thousands of volunteers to start a new phase in the education of the Arab World. Our students need to have access to advanced educational content, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid eLearning Project will be the largest platform to provide it.” He continued stating that math and science are key to reviving the Arab civilisation.

The translation project is a vast undertaking that aims to offer thousands of educational videos to students for free, once they have been fully translated into Arabic. Since its launch last year the challenge has already attracted many volunteers from fields such as, translation, voice-overs, publishing, and production, and 2,500 of them were selected for their superior expertise and knowledge. These experts included teachers, students, researchers, engineers, graphic designers, and many more.

Sheikh Mohammed personally supervised the launch of the second phase, which will see content approved in-line with the curriculum, and the development of study groups who are tasked with ensuring the quality of videos before their release in October 2018.

He also checked the progress of the challenge, which included content translation, video selection, and, even participated in the event by lending his voice to one of the educational videos.

The main aim of the Translation Challenge is to encourage and support students in key areas such as, math and science within schools across UAE, so that the Arab world is able to produce a generation of excellent researchers, scientists, and thinkers.

The translation process for these educational tools is lengthy, taking almost a year to complete, and includes the following points:

-Educational videos are selected from international curricula

-Content is then constructed into purely text

-This text is then translated into Arabic

-Arabic version is edited, reviewed, and revised as necessary

-Translated text is then paired with approved educational curriculums

-Translations are then integrated into the Arabic curriculum through audio commentary

-Videos are produced to correspond with audio translations

-The finished videos are shown to students from years 7 – 12

-Students assess design, accuracy, content, and clarity of video production

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