10 good reasons to Learn Arabic!


1.  Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world with 300 million native speakers. That’s 300 million potential new friends if you speak Arabic! Imagine the possibilities….

2. Arabic is spoken over a vast geographical area in Africa and Asia. Got a holiday booked to Morocco?  Business trip to the UAE? Trip to the Dead Sea? Petra? Pyramids? Sahara Desert? Arabic will come in handy in all these places.

3. Arabic is the language of Islam. Whether you are Muslim or not, Islam is a very important religion as the world’s second largest after Christianity. Learning about others’ beliefs is always important, and Arabic will most certainly help you do that. Additionally the majority of the world’s Muslim population understands at least a little of Arabic. Again, imagine the communication possibilities!

4. The importance of the Arabic speaking countries is on the rise. Whether in the headlines for politics (think Palestine, Syria, Iraq), or for their emerging significance on the world stage, the ever increasing demand for Arabic speakers is not likely to subside any time soon.

 5. Business opportunities! The economy in Arab countries has grown by 120% in recent years, and expansion and investment is on the increase with Qatar, KSA and the UAE leading the way.  Arab business is based on close ties and mutual trust. Knowing Arabic will most certainly help in making sure you build lasting and meaningful business relationships.

6. Do you live in an Arab country? As they say “when in Rome do as the Romans do” which means making an effort to learn the local language too. Not only will learning Arabic make your daily life easier, it will open you up to a fascinating and welcoming culture full of history and tradition. You may also be surprised how your interaction with the local population changes – Arabic will take you a long way!

7. Learning a foreign language makes you more attractive to potential employers. If that employer is in the Arab world, be sure to make sure your foreign language repertoire includes Arabic!

8. Arabic is a language of the Arts and Sciences. During the Abbassid era, the Arab world led the world in philosophy, mathematics, science, medicine and technology. There are quite literally millions of academic works written and produced in Arabic. Seeking knowledge is a requirement of us all, so be sure to learn Arabic in order to access this great wealth of learning.

9. Learning Arabic can help you learn other languages too. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group which includes living languages such as Hebrew, Amharic and Tigrinya and ancient languages such as Amaraic, Phoenician, Akkadian and Ugaritic. Semitic languages share common sentence structure and similar vocabulary, making them easier to learn. Similarly, if you learn the Arabic alphabet, then you will able to read and pronounce (but not necessarily understand) other languages that use the same alphabet such as Persian (Farsi) or Urdu.

10. The Arabic language is beautiful! Whether it is its beautifully intricate and ordered grammar, system of derivatives, diverse range of sounds, beautiful script, or the history and culture it encompasses, most Arabic learners grow to love and appreciate what the Arabic language has given them.

Fore more details on learning Arabic and translation please view our Arabization pages.


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