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Number 1 in the Tourism Sector

arabic translationsBeing based in the heart of a country that caters for tourists as a cultural obligation, we appreciate the importance of language in demonstrating hospitality.

Working with the whole chain of the Tourism and Hospitality sector, from hotels to marketing companies to airlines to government Tourism Authorities, we get the complete picture.  This gives us a unique perspective in understanding and catering to the needs of the sector. This is why our approach, people, words and passion are different and we excel at what we do!

Its no surprise that Dubai is the number 1 Tourist destination in the Middle East and working with Dubai Tourism we share their passion in communicating the message across the globe.

Tourism Case Study


Background: Creative Word has been working with Flydubai on numerous projects completing translations in 15 language pairs and Interpreting. As the preferred supplier we have managed the translation of the Flydubai website working directly with the internal content management system (CMS), press releases, marketing & advertising, manuals and legal documents.


Solution: We formed a team of Linguists, Editors, Project Managers, Relationship Manager, protocols, glossaries and reporting mechanisms within a few days. A project plan was agreed and signed and thereafter the Creative Word team were trained in the relevant applications and the translations were completed directly on the CMS.  The project was successfully delivered within schedule and we can continue to support the Flydubai team for their language services.

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