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Soft skills Training

Soft skills Training

Soft skills are important and relevant for all jobs and improve efficiency, output and moraTrainingle in organisations.  At Creative Word we take training and development very seriously and have therefore created a comprehensive range of training programmes for most topics across all sectors.

Soft skills, also called “interpersonal” or “people skills” relate to how people listen, communicate, engage, give feedback, collaborate as a team member, solve problems and resolve conflicts. In todays working world, soft skills are increasingly becoming a must but without relevant training technical skills are not enough without developing the softer skills.  For example you may have an amazing contracts Lawyer who becomes a partner and is expected to conduct presentations and develop new business for the firm yet has never been trained in these areas!

Therefore, soft skills are more critical than ever as organisations try to find meaningful ways to remain competitive and still be productive.

Soft Skills courses

Soft Skills courses


At Creative Word we offer both, off the shelf and tailored training programmes so whatever your requirement we can assist.  Our trainers are experts in specific disciplines and we will always find the right trainer to complete your training. Some of our training courses cover the below topics:

    • Business Skills
    • HR Training
    • Customer Service
    • Finance Training
    • Communication Skills
    • Management & Leadership
    • International
    • Marketing Training

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