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website localizations

Website localization (l10n) involves preparing your website for use on a global scale across languages, cultures and behaviours.

If you are looking at website translation, internationalization or localization you need look no further.

We don’t just translate website text – website translation is simply one small step in the process of localization.

Localization gives you a whole lot more for your money. We scrutinize every aspect of your website to make sure it behaves as people will expect when using it in their country and language.

Areas we cover in any website localization include:

    • Language: is the tone of the language correct? Written for the right generation? Is it free of mistakes?
    • Content: is the content engaging? Is it written in the manner they expect?
    • Images: do the images, pictures or icons work for the target culture? Would you have images of dogs or women in bikinis on your Arabic website?
    • Navigation: do cultures use websites in the same way? No. The Western eye does one thing and the Eastern another. Good navigation and usability are crucial.
    • Data: would you display Euros, Dirhams, Dollars or GBP on your Arabic website? What about dates, times, currencies, phone numbers, units of measurement, etc?

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