Looking to Design Multilingual leaflets and magazines?

It can be confusing how to present and design leaflets, especially when its in a different language!  Thats why Creative Word have a team of specialists that can assist.

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Multilingual Leaflets & Magazines

Multilingual Leaflets & Magazines

The challenges of presenting, designing, displaying a multilingual mmagagazine can be overwhelming when deadlines are approaching, advertisers have campaigns in the publications and theres a new language to add!  Thats where our team of experts are able to plug-in and assist. With a team of cultural experts for the   localization, qualified linguists for the language and desktop publishers for the design we have you covered.

Whether its all of the above or just one of the services we can integrate with your team or design agency to ensure your publication is produced professionally and to the highest standards. Contact us now to discuss how you need us to help!

What can we do?

What can we do?




There are many examples of multilingual translation and design but one worth mentioning are the CPI magazines which consist of one bilingual publication including English and Arabic for the GCC market.

The publications involved many stakeholders, editors, and advertisers all of whom pushed and challenged the publication until the final day of print.  In the middle of all of the action is the Creative Word team ensuring that all changes are reflected in the relevant parts of the magazines and the layout and design working appropriately with the right-to-left challenges of the Arabic language. The end results were always amazing publications delivered consistently to tight deadlines.

If you have any questions regarding your magazine multilingual translations and design you have certainly come to the right place!

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