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Religious Language Services

religious translation

Religious translations, like technical ones, are fraught with danger. Any misunderstand or misrepresentation can have serious consequences.

As experts in religious translations we make sure this doesn’t happen. Our team are specialist in religious texts with years of experience in translating relevant documents and are dedicated to ensuring your translations are 100% spot on.

Accurate Religious Translations

translate documentsWhatever the text and whatever the language, we can help. Over the years we have built small teams of experts in the world’s main religions who are able to sensitively and creatively deal with all manor of religious texts from books to leaflets to DVDs.

Being in The Gulf, the majority of our work relates to Islam although we regularly deal with documents from other regional faiths including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’ism and Judaism.

Languages we work out and into are limitless although much of our work is into and from English, Arabic, Farsi, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Urdu and Hindi.

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