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Oil & Gas Services Dubai, UAE

oil and gas translationsThe Oil & Gas industry is naturally one of the largest sectors in the region. In fact, one of the many reasons that brought us to Dubai, was the high demand for our services from companies in the region.  Since establishing ourselves physically in the GCC in 2010 our Oil & Gas clients have rapidly grown.  We now deal with upstream and downstream corporations, offshore companies, consultancies and publishers within the sector.

Based in Dubai, UAE we naturally work with many of the local companies as well as those within the GCC such as Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

We work with the sector in providing:

  • Technical Translations
  • General Translation services
  • Interpreters
  • Cultural awareness training
  • HR consultancy
  • Design services

Oil & Gas Case Study

translation projectAn American Oil & Gas firm based in the UAE had only American managers running local operations. Internally the business was not working efficiently.

Managers were unhappy with the work ethic and employees felt alienated. Working with stakeholders within the firm we consulted on developing training courses for the managers on working in the Arab world, drew up suggestions on embracing local talent, implemented translation services as part of their internal communication and helped develop an understanding of local culture and conditions.

The changes led to a happier working environment, better business practices and improved bottom-line results.

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