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  • Contract Termination
  • Financial Corporate Crime
  • Real Estate
  • Know Your Customer
  • Legal Framework
  • Code of Ethics
  • Employment Law
  • Jurisdiction & Enforcement
  • Accounting
  • Commercial Companies
  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Entities


  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Civil Transactions Law
  • Code of Ethics
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Introduction to VAT
  • Know Your Client
  • Masterclass in VAT
  • Particular Clauses of the FIDIC Red Book
  • TOLES Foundation
  • Types of UAE Corporate Entities
  • UAE Legal Framework
  • DIFC Employment Law and UAE Labour Law – A Comparison
  • Doing Business under the UAE Law
  • Family Law Training Workshop (Divorce, Inheritance, Jurisdiction)
  • Fundamentals of Arbitration and Conciliation in the UAE

  • Fundamentals of UAE Construction Law
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Introduction to the FIDIC Red Book
  • Managing Legal Risk to Minimise Disputes
  • Managing Relationships for Lawyers
  • Risk Allocation in the FIDIC EPC
  • Effective Presentations for Legal Professionals

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