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software localizationSoftware localization is about modifying and adapting a piece of software to meet the language, cultural and technical requirements of a specific audience outside your native country.

You may have CRM software you want to sell to the public sector across the Arab world – this will mean you need to have an Arabic version that works according to local expectations!  At Creative Word we have many years of experience in assisting our clients take their software into international markets so contact us now to see how we can help.

We are more than Software Translation

managementWithin the process of software localization, translation forms a key element of the service however it is not everything.

Obviously translation of software manuals and documentation is necessary but key to any successful software localization is how the software is adapted linguistically in terms of being in the right tone, using the correct words and fitting into the required character limits.  Rest assured we have the experience and ability to help.

Through localization, translators work alongside numerous others experts who take care of other elements such as software engineering, user experience testing (UXT) and desktop publishing to make sure we get your product 100% market ready.

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