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Creative Word has been providing interpreters for business meetings across Dubai, the UAE & GCC and the rest of the world for years. TRANSLATION

Whether it’s an Arabic interpreter in Abu Dhabi, a Farsi interpreter in Baghdad or a Chinese interpreter in Riyadh, we deliver.

Why book with anyone else when you can book the best?  All of our interpreters are qualified, professional linguists who bring to your meeting accurate translation, confidentiality and above all customer satisfaction.

Getting your message lost in translation is not an option with Creative Word.

Ten Tips on using a Business Meeting Interpreter

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  • Establish and agree ground rules with your interpreter. Communicate how you want the meeting run and how you want the translation to work.
  • Brief your interpreter prior to any face to face meeting so they know what context they will be working in and how to deal with potential challenges.
  • If there are any speeches pre-written, give your interpreter a copy well in advance.
  • Even though you may be speaking through an interpreter always engage with your counterpart directly.
  • Try and avoid humour. Jokes don’t translate well a lot of time.
  • Plan your time carefully. Remember everything said will be said twice!
  • Do not rush your speech; keep it steady and allow time for the interpreter to think.
  • Never involve the interpreter at a personal level in any discussions and if you see an interpreter translating your emotions, ask them to stop. The interpreter is there to purely translate what is being said.
  • Make sure the interpreter is clear that they are never to answer questions on your behalf. Even if the answer is simple.
  • Ask interpreters not to change or alter what you say even if they think it may cause offense. If you plan to talk about a controversial issue let the interpreter know.


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