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Experienced & professional native Arab Interpreters

TRANSLATORS WORLDCreative Word has a team of Arabic interpreters spread across the UAE and GCC. Whether it’s an Arabic to English interpreter or English to Arabic Interpreter for a business meeting, a French to Arabic Interpreter for a conference or a Farsi to Arabic interpreter for a legal hearing, we have you covered.

Our Arabic interpreters are qualified and professional linguists with a wealth of experience in many industry sectors and will always thoroughly research the event in advance to ensure they are well prepared.

What experience do we have?

global specialist

We work for Government departments including Sports City and Dubai Police, Event Management companies across the GCC in all industry sectors, Media companies including MBC, universities and a variety of companies from all industry sectors.  As well as this we have worked in most key venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are therefore able to set up and prepare at these locations very quickly and efficiently.  All in all we are very experienced in most environments!

As well as this experience our interpreters are qualified, professional linguists with qualifications in translation and/or interpreting plus a minimum of two years experience in live interpreting situations.

The backbone of all of this is the project management team who ensure the coordination on the day happens as discussed and booked!  Rest assured, working with Creative Word means you will benefit from our decades of experience and always receive a professional service.

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