Pope Arrives in UAE with his own Arabic Translator

Pope Francis arrived in Abu Dhabi at the Presidential Airport on Sunday evening (4th February 2019) for his landmark visit to the UAE. He was accompanied by his second personal secretary, who is also his translator, Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid, a Coptic Catholic priest. They were greeted by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of … Read More

Translation Category – Long-List Announced for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award

The nominations for the translation category of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, were announced last week, according to Gulf News. Of the original 107 nominations, just 12 have been selected for the long-list, including translations from English to Arabic, French to Arabic, and German to Arabic.   Of the longlisted titles, the following are English-to-Arabic … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Website Localisation

The majority of research suggests that most internet shoppers prefer to browse, and purchase, from sites that operate in their native language. This means that websites which operate an ‘English language only’ policy are likely to be missing out on prospective customers, due to their limited choice of language. Failure to localize your website for … Read More

Tips on How to Assist Your Arabic Interpreter

Working well with an interpreter takes practice and preparation – interpreters are usually heard, but not necessarily seen, and this take time to perfect. When working with an Arabic interpreter, whether this be at a conference, in an immigration office, in a hospital, or at a private meeting, it is essential that you give your … Read More

Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies for a Global Workforce

A global workforce has become the norm for many businesses, across all industries, which means today’s managers require an effective strategy for cross-cultural communication within their team. Appreciating difference, understanding cultures, and removing language barriers, can all be difficult talents for a manager to juggle, but help is at hand. In order to fully understand … Read More

4 Qualities of an Effective Manager

There are traits which many effective and renowned leaders all seem to share; they are personable, motivating, helpful, and competent, not only within the workplace, but also their lives outside of work. This blog will explore these qualities; what they are, how to achieve them, and why they are essential in order to become an … Read More

A Brief History of Arabic Translation

Arabic translation has a long, rich history which has enabled communication between nations, and the dissemination of Arabic knowledge and culture around the globe. Effective interpretation was vital for Arab traders, to enable exchange of goods, improve prosperity, and increase understanding between cultures. However, with the Prophet Muhammed (570-632), and the rise of Islam, followers … Read More

Arabic Reading Competition in Dubai Won by 9 Year Old Girl

A Moroccan girl, aged only 9 years old, has won $136k (120,000 Euros) in an Arabic-language competition set up by the Dubai government, and his Royal Highnesses Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. Maryam Amjoun competed against other finalists, all aged under 18, for the coveted title of winner of the third annual Arab Reading Challenge. … Read More

English Translation now Essential for Abu Dhabi Courts

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has recently applied new legislation that requires plaintiffs in both civil, and commercial cases, to translate all files from Arabic to English, for those defendants who do not speak Arabic. Previously, any documentation that was presented to the court was offered in Arabic only, and as a result many … Read More

What is Arabization?

Within the translation sector, the term ‘Arabization’ is used to refer to the process of translating an idea, concept or message from its original language, into Arabic. This doesn’t refer solely to the translation of words (although words and language are the format used to express this interpretation) but more to specific concepts which might … Read More