The Importance of Localization in Marketing Translations

Translation services have become a vital asset for all sectors in today’s global markets. The translation industry can help companies develop their international brand in new locations, market their products or services overseas, and assist with the production of packaging or design concepts. However, in most instances, translation alone is not enough to convey a … Read More

UAE Launch Arab World’s Largest e-Learning Platform

Sheikh Mohammed has launched Madrasa, the largest e-learning platform in the Arab world, in a bid to ensure that Arab students around the globe can access science and math subjects for free. According to the Khaleej Times, the Mohammed Bin Rashid eLearning Project offers 5,000 free videos in subjects such as, biology, math, chemistry, physics … Read More

Does Tech Pose a Threat to the Future of Translation?

Technological advances are happening so quickly in many industries today that it is almost as if what is up-to-date today, is obsolete by tomorrow. Retail, tourism, factory production, grocery stores, the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ industries that have relied upon a physical ‘high street’ presence, are slowly being eroded by the rising tide of tech … Read More

Are Religious Translations Still Relevant Today?

Language has always played an essential role in the dissemination of religion across the globe, and many religions still have a ‘sacred’ language attached to them, for instance, classical Arabic for Islam, or Hebrew for Judaism. Acquiring a religion too, can also involve learning elements of a different language, or certain syntax variations, due to … Read More

Translation Tips for Arabic Retail Companies

The Arabic retail industry has recently been a particularly fickle sector that’s heavily influenced by external factors such as, oil prices, inflation and now of course, VAT. It has been reported by Arab News that the early months of this year (2018) suggested a continued decline in trade, even for well-known companies such as, Dubai … Read More

Blockchain and Translation – an Unlikely Partnership

The Blockchain is the inspired invention of Satoshi Nakamoto (it is unclear if this is a single person, or a group of people who are using this pseudonym), that was originally designed for digital currencies such as, Bitcoin. Blockchain is incorruptible, meaning it can be used as a digital ledger of financial transactions, and has … Read More

Cultural Training Helps Expats Achieve Excellence

It has become common practice, for top employees in global firms, to relocate to far flung offices in order to facilitate innovation, modernisation, or to implement new trading avenues. However, in recent years the number of employees who are finishing overseas assignments early has increased significantly. The reason for this is primarily due to failure … Read More

5 Sectors that Profit from Language Services

It has been well documented recently that the language service industry is flourishing in today’s global market; assisting businesses, individuals and corporations to communicate with their customers, interact with new markets and connecting businesses around the globe. This boom is expected to generate US $46.52 billion globally, in 2018, according to GALA, the Globalization and … Read More

A Guide to Living & Working in the UAE

Dubai, and the UAE in general, are a nation of expatriates, so those considering working or living in the UAE should feel right at home. According to The Telegraph, Dubai is the ‘new Spain’ for British expats, with a zero-tax policy, growing tourism and finance industries and a youthful population, we are heading there in … Read More