Localization Tips for an Arabic Marketplace

Localizing your website, social media posts, blogs, emails, and marketing campaigns for an Arabic audience will give your business access to 22 Arab countries and over 400 million Arabic speakers – all of whom are potential customers. This represents a huge opportunity for companies who are looking to move into new foreign markets, especially those … Read More

Top Tips for Translating from English to Arabic

The Arabic language is the fifth most widely spoken language, with over 420 million people speaking it around the world. However, for English speakers, it is also one of the most challenging languages to learn, and translate. Mastering the Arabic language requires a whole new script and alphabet to be learnt, including overcoming the struggle … Read More

English Language ‘Lost in Translation’ in Arab World

A recent article written by the chief editor of the Arab Weekly, Oussama Romdhani, suggests that the lack of English proficiency “deprives the Arab region of a crucial bridge to the rest of the world”. According to the latest EF English Proficiency Index, released by the EF Education First in Zurich, the Arab region is … Read More

Why Software Localization is Vital for Your Business

Software localization is about modifying and adapting a piece of software to meet the language, cultural and technical requirements, of a specific audience, outside of your native country. For instance, you may have CRM software you want to sell to the public sector across the Arab world, so this will mean you need to have … Read More

Social Media in the UAE and Localization

The UAE has taken to social media as readily as every other nation. On average, worldwide users are spending around 135 minutes each day on social media sites – it’s evidently becoming an almost essential part of our daily routine. This rise in usage is due to a number of factors including falling smart phone … Read More

Positive Economic Growth in Dubai

The Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector of the Department of Economic Development (DED), showed a 0.47% increase compared to this time last year on renewed/modified trade licenses issued from January to September this year, according to a recent article by the Khaleej Times. This increase is positive news for Dubai, and the UAE in … Read More

The Importance of Localization in Marketing Translations

Translation services have become a vital asset for all sectors in today’s global markets. The translation industry can help companies develop their international brand in new locations, market their products or services overseas, and assist with the production of packaging or design concepts. However, in most instances, translation alone is not enough to convey a … Read More

UAE Launch Arab World’s Largest e-Learning Platform

Sheikh Mohammed has launched Madrasa, the largest e-learning platform in the Arab world, in a bid to ensure that Arab students around the globe can access science and math subjects for free. According to the Khaleej Times, the Mohammed Bin Rashid eLearning Project offers 5,000 free videos in subjects such as, biology, math, chemistry, physics … Read More

Does Tech Pose a Threat to the Future of Translation?

Technological advances are happening so quickly in many industries today that it is almost as if what is up-to-date today, is obsolete by tomorrow. Retail, tourism, factory production, grocery stores, the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ industries that have relied upon a physical ‘high street’ presence, are slowly being eroded by the rising tide of tech … Read More