Yousuf Al Serkal Launches Reform Manifesto for Asian Football Confederation

Yousuf Al Serkal, President of the UAE Football Association and Vice President of the Asian Football Confederation [AFC], today launched an election manifesto for his bid to become President of the AFC. Kwintessential Arabia ensured the message was understood in both English and Arabic with simultaneous interpreting services at the press conference. Under the slogan … Read More

Global Ad Agency & Ford get the language and images wrong!!!

  In todays multicultural world you would have thought there was more cultural awareness?  However it’s still easy to get it wrong when it comes to language and cultural awareness. JWT India, a subsidiary of global advertising agency WPP, which is a British multinational advertising and public relations company, produced hugely controversial pictures in an advertisement … Read More

Cultural differences in drinking in the UAE

    The Sharjah Sharia Court sentenced a young Muslim student to 80 lashes for a drink driving offence. Cultural and religious differences in the UAE mean that the punishment for drinking alcohol would be different for Muslims and non-Muslims.  UAE Law implies that it is prohibited for Muslims to drink but individuals of other … Read More

Man sentenced to prison in Dubai for cross dressing

     A 23 year old Filipino man has been found guilty of dressing as a woman in Dubai, and will be deported after serving a jail sentence the Court of First Instance has ruled.  The man was picked up at 3am by police patrolling the Bur Dubai area. It is reported that the defendant presented … Read More

Learning Arabic – Part 2

    Tricks and Tips to make learning Grammar easier!  The Arabic script is also often a struggle to learn how to read as generally all short vowels are omitted in writing – leaving the reader with just consonants and three long vowels to work out how to pronounce the word. This can be a … Read More

Being culturally aware is vital in todays world

    Employers from all corners of the globe have recognised the importance of intercultural skills and awareness, with 60% saying that being able to work effectively and productively with people from different cultural backgrounds is essential for the success of their orgranisation, as revealed by a new Ipsos Public Affairs poll. The results came … Read More

Decoding Facial Hair in the Middle East: More than a Style Statement!

    In the Arab world, men’s beards are more than a personal style statement, they’re bound up with various complex religious and political currents too. Traditionally, Arab men who sport facial hair are viewed as deeply practicing, strict Muslims, often serving as a visual signifier of the person’s beliefs and values before even interacting … Read More

Dubai Art Week 2013

  Dubai Art Week 2013, starting on the 14th March is actually a 10 day long celebration of Art and Culture with over 75 galleries from 29 countries taking part this year. This year, the event will run alongside Art Dubai,  Design Days Dubai, the region’s largest art fair as well as the only one … Read More

Learning Arabic – Part 1

    Learning the Arabic Alphabet and numbers So what is it that makes Arabic “hard” to learn? The challenges are many when considering the great differences that exist between English and Arabic, not least of them being the need to learn an entirely new script or alphabet! Here are a few things to consider … Read More