How to Master Global Marketing for your Online Audience

Mastering global marketing for your online audience is essential if you want your business to succeed in a foreign arena, but understanding what works for new and varied audiences can take time and money – especially if things go wrong!

Our helpful tips will help guide you through the process; explain the main advantages and highlight common pitfalls, so that you can be confident in your global marketing strategy.



Global Marketing

Global marketing is far more common (and therefore, cheaper) than it was a few decades ago, all thanks to the internet.

However, this means that global marketing is also predominantly, digital marketing.

Digital marketing has many benefits over its predecessors, including:

• Fast insights into customers’ behaviour

• Accurate and measurable results

• Customizable content

• Easily accessible

• Global reach

• Instantaneous customer communication

Global marketing is a broad term which covers many areas, not all of which will be applicable, or suitable, for every business or marketing campaign.

The following topics and terms are often used in global marketing so understanding what they are, and why they are necessary, can help the process. For more information on a particular topic just click on the links below:

• Multilingual Copywriting
• Marketing and PR
• Subtitles and transcription
• Translation
• Localization
• Multilingual SEO
• Keyword Translation
• Design
• Video Localization
• Software Localization
• App Services
• Website Localization.




The main issue with any global marketing campaign is how to appeal to customers who speak different languages, have various cultural backgrounds and who live in diverse locations.

The solution is, not to create a single global marketing campaign, but instead, form a marketing strategy which allows for localization (adaption and translation) to ensure an appropriate fit for unique audiences.

Every new audience will require in-depth market research based on the cultural norms, language, dialects, key trends, and so on, to ensure the best results for each campaign.

Creating an adaptable, or localizable, marketing strategy which can be tailored to fit each market is the aim, and a specialist Language Services Provider (LSP) can assist with this process.

LSP’s, such as Creative Word, can help with design elements, localization, translation, and project management, to ensure you get it right first time and your marketing campaign is a success, no matter which language or culture it is destined for.



Mastering Global Marketing

To master global marketing, you’ll need to use market research and localization but you will also need to consider other factors including:

• Social Media Marketing – although platforms such as, YouTube and Facebook are massively popular around the world, there are many countries which favour other platforms above these. Check which is the dominant platform in your desired territory and if it is one you are unfamiliar with, take time to learn about it before creating your marketing campaign. Also, consider how your audience is most likely to access these platforms (smartphones are far more popular in some countries than others) and will they be accessing the internet using 3G or 5G?

• Search Engine Marketing – successful SEM campaigns depend upon excellent knowledge and insights of your audience. Encouraging a potential customer to click on your ad will mean attracting them through relevant and specific keywords, targeted page links, understanding customers’ preferences and knowing your competition. Do your research and find out what works for each location or region.

• Search Engine Optimization – SEO for a foreign market isn’t as straightforward as simply translating keywords from your home market to fit your new audience. You’ll also need to build relationships with foreign partners for quality links, accurately translate and localize your website, and check the main search engine used (it isn’t always Google!).

• Email Marketing – a well-timed, properly targeted email marketing campaign can work wonders for your firm. However, to do this, you’ll need to have an accurate understanding of your foreign customers; what time zone are they in? what language or dialect is predominantly used? Can you personalize the emails? What are the cultural buying habits? Get all this right and your campaign stands a better chance at success.


At Creative Word, we have been helping our clients create successful global marketing campaigns for their online audiences for decades.

We use only native speaking linguists, who have in-depth cultural and industry knowledge, so they are best placed to understand your customers’ habits, preferences and requirements.

Contact us now to discuss your global marketing project.

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