Free Online Translation Tools Pose Privacy & Security Risks

A sweep of a free online translation tool’s memory has exposed a major danger for businesses and individuals. The storing of data online poses a major risk to security and privacy as potentially sensitive documents are available online, available for all to find, if they know how. “When we sat down and googled we just … Read More

5 Challenges of Setting Up Your Business in the GCC

The GCC is seen as a very attractive economic region for those looking to expand their international operations. Growing economies, advanced infrastructures, attractive tax policies and healthy markets all point to a potentially safe, if not lucrative, venture. However, as with any new market, success comes with a certain amount of pain! Here are 5 … Read More

Arabic Translation Fail Goes Global and Causes Twitter Storm

We have another addition to the growing collection of awful Arabic to English translations courtesy of Twitter user Hend Amry! Staying at the Erbil International Hotel in Iraq, she was perplexed by the translation of a meatball dish she found in front of her. Somehow the hotel had translated the dish into English as “Paul … Read More

Translation vs. Copywriting for the Arabic Market

Which is best for the Arabic market? Translation or copywriting? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. It all depends. A nice example I like to cite from the business world to illustrate the differences between copywriting and translation is that of Puma. Ahead of the UAE’s 40th National Day celebrations back in 2011, Puma launched … Read More

Arabic Translations Compulsory on Receipts in UAE by 2018

In a boost for the Arabic language, The Ministry of Economy has announced that by 2018, all shops and retailers will have to add Arabic to receipts from their tills. The initiative launched in 2016 has slowly been adopted by UAE retailers, however some 20% are still to add Arabic translations to their receipts. According … Read More

Netflix Must Invest in Arabic Content to Woe Middle East

Netflix this year hit the 100-million-subscriber mark. Growth has outstripped expectations seeing its share price rise from $158 to almost $190 in the past month. Although the company might be doing well in some parts of the world, figures show it is lagging behind in the Middle East and Arabic speaking world. According to estimates, … Read More

Tips on Translation of Tourism Content

Did you know that Dubai is now the 4th most visited city in world after London, Paris and Bangkok? The UAE has seen its tourism industry steadily grow with no signs of slowing down. The role of language translation in helping the local tourism industry grow cannot be underestimated. Along with all the translated contents … Read More

Using an Interpreter in the UAE – Common Questions

Looking to hire an interpreter in the UAE? Here are some of the more common questions people have prior to book a professional interpreter for the first time. “Which type of interpreter do I need?” There are a few types of interpreter in terms of the way the translation takes place. Have a read of … Read More

Why Professional Conference Interpreters are So Important

Providing good conference interpreting is vital to the UAE remaining at the top of the global stage when it comes to  events, shows, media and conferences. What does it take to be a professional conference interpreter and why can’t anyone do it? The conference interpreter is a familiar sight at many of our international and … Read More

Arabic 5th Most Powerful Language in the World

If an alien landed on planet earth and had to decide which language to speak, read and write, it would be….English. No surprises there but would you be surprised to learn that Arabic would be the fifth most useful? This is according to the findings of Kai L. Chan, who works at INSEAD, in his publication … Read More