Using an Interpreter in the UAE – Common Questions

Looking to hire an interpreter in the UAE? Here are some of the more common questions people have prior to book a professional interpreter for the first time. “Which type of interpreter do I need?” There are a few types of interpreter in terms of the way the translation takes place. Have a read of … Read More

Why Professional Conference Interpreters are So Important

Providing good conference interpreting is vital to the UAE remaining at the top of the global stage when it comes to  events, shows, media and conferences. What does it take to be a professional conference interpreter and why can’t anyone do it? The conference interpreter is a familiar sight at many of our international and … Read More

Arabic 5th Most Powerful Language in the World

If an alien landed on planet earth and had to decide which language to speak, read and write, it would be….English. No surprises there but would you be surprised to learn that Arabic would be the fifth most useful? This is according to the findings of Kai L. Chan, who works at INSEAD, in his publication … Read More

A Quick Guide to Legal Translations in Dubai & The UAE

Getting documents translated for legal/official use can be a tricky affair, especially for newcomers to the UAE. Although the process is a lot clearer than say 10 years ago, getting legal translations can still cause some people headaches. What is a legal translation? Firstly, let’s be clear that by ‘legal translation’ we are not talking … Read More

Arabic Language Academia Receives Funding Boost

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), an independent federal agency in the USA, has announced it is funding a potentially massive Arab digitization program to try and protect and promote Arabic language academic journals. To date, unlike some other parts of the world, the Arab world has not produced any significant digital Arabic language … Read More

Amazon Enters the Machine Translation Game

In another sign of the growing importance of language localization and translation as a business in itself, Amazon’s cloud computing division has announced that it has been been working on its own machine translation service they hope developers could soon be using to translate things like their websites and apps. The online e-commerce giant already … Read More

5 Ways Our Clients Use Translation Services to Grow

One of the best things about working in translation is the variety of projects we undertake. The incredible diversity of languages, countries, clients, sectors, objectives and goals illustrates the importance of the translation industry in the modern world – to some extent translation makes the world go round! Without question one of the ways in … Read More

English to Arabic Translation Fails

We do love a good ‘translation fail’ – as perfectly demonstrated by our feature image, a translation fail is that poorly translated text or odd choice of words usually decided by some sort of computer translation tool online. So we were very pleased to see has published a new list of English to Arabic … Read More

Research Confirms Need for Professional Interpreters in Healthcare

Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) have recently published research results about the impact of language barriers on access to healthcare in Qatar. Qatar’s rapidly growing multicultural population is presenting new challenges to the healthcare system. The research was carried out in order to find out more about patients’ perspectives about language barriers and the strategies used … Read More