The Complex Challenges of Legal Translation

The challenges that legal translators address are specific to their tasks as translators of law. Legal translation is a complex minefield that requires specialist translators who are experts, not only in translation, but also in legal terminology. This means they must be fluent in the language they are translating from, the language they are translating … Read More

Top Tips on Translating Tweets

Social media has become a huge asset for businesses around the globe. The ability to reach international markets at the touch of a button, communicate ideas or concepts, and engage with your customer base on a daily basis is vital in today’s fast-paced commerce. English may be the predominate language for social media sites however, … Read More

How to Stick to Your Localization Budget

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we realise that we may have under budgeted; whether it’s while Eid gift shopping, dining in a fancy restaurant, or when you’re explaining to the boss why another invoice doesn’t match the initial quote, the end result is still the same and leaves you wondering how on earth … Read More

Chinese Localization of McDonalds Brand Name Fails to Convince

The fast-food chain, McDonalds, have made news headlines in China in recent weeks over the company’s decision on its new Chinese name. The name modification comes after McDonald’s US parent firm sold most of its business in China earlier this year to a Chinese consortium for more than $2 billion. The consortium have altered the … Read More

FinTech…the ‘current Buzzword’

Fintech is a phrase becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s hyper-connected business world.  Many global experts expect that somewhere between 2 to 6 million jobs will be lost over the next decade due to some of the technologies within this space, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.  With 72% of all FinTech startups hailing from … Read More

Will you be Tax Compliant?

With the introduction of the excise duty and impending vat regime there is going to be an increased pressure on firms to ensure their tax procedures and processes are up to international standards when reporting and record keeping.  The local trend for the region is towards tax reporting and in turn transparency.  For example, when … Read More

English to Arabic Translation Costs Kuwait $Millions in Construction

We all know that mistakes in the business world can often be costly, but where translation errors occur the cost can be colossal as Kuwait authorities recently discovered. The Kuwait authorities spotted an error in construction specs that, once corrected, saved them $23m on two projects alone. The ministry of Public Works in Kuwait (MPW) … Read More

Three Benefits of Professional Translation Services

For a proficient, sophisticated translation it is always best to choose a professional translation service that can be tailored to your needs and that offers a high level of language knowledge. The alternatives, such as, Google Translate, do not yet understand nuance, culture, customs or some language differences, and therefore, cannot provide the exceptional level … Read More

Translation and Localisation Tips for the Travel Industry

Travellers today are tech savvy, well-connected, easily distracted and have sky-high expectations. To capture their attention (and keep it) you need to ensure an exceptional customer experience that delivers a quality service, a consistent brand voice, and a simple, straightforward content for allure within the global market. Translation and localisation will play a vital role … Read More

The True Costs of Professional Translation Services

If you are considering using a translation service one of your primary deliberations is likely to be the cost. Choosing the right translation company can be a tricky business and when parting with significant amounts of money you’ll want to get it right first time. Unlike free translation tools such as Google Translate, professional human … Read More